Good Morning


For want of something better, a photo of the morning blue sky with a tree and the Jura mountains in the background: my normal scenery. It is really something to treasure to live in such a wonderful area and to see it every morning. We even had a semi moon eclipse yesterday. As I was preparing to hang up my laundry from the machine, I saw or heard something about it. It was 11.00 in the evening and when I finished hanging the wash I opened the window and took a short walk in the garden to see this spectacular. It was a night with almost no clouds and the view was quite good. Out came the camera, but as it was all a quick spur of the moment thing, I do not think my photos came out so well, a bit of a burred result. However, I have not yet uploded them onto the computer, so who knows.


And look what I discovered this morning. My lovely gardener lady had planted a few groups of echinacea (coneflowers) in the garden and now they are making theirselves noticeable. I am certainly getting surprises this year.

Talking of surprises I discovered something quite interesting yesterday.  My walking abilities are naturally not 100% because of my MS and 18 months ago I even managed to break my left leg, which has healed quite well with the help of two parallel horizontal screws at the knee and and long metal rod in the thigh bone, but now I noticed something. I always have to drag my left leg a little to catch up with the right one, although no pain, and I have to lift it to put it in the car. However, it has now come to my attention that the left leg a good centimetre shorter is than the right one, meaning that when my foot is on the ground on the right side, the left leg is still thinking about it. Is my left leg shrinking, or the right leg growing? Perhaps I might have an entry in the Guiness Book of Records “the lady with the shrinking/growing leg”.

Yesterday we had a complete day at home, although also out on the porch. I was  busy sorting my onine banking entry problems with the bank and am proud to say not once did I have to call their helpline, but worked it out all by myself, even if it did take an hour. Sometimes I can understand my 100 year old dad that always said he did not want a bank account. Of course he had his trouser pockets full of money, change and notes, but we did organise a cash box for him.


My bellflowers are developing nicely on their border and the air is full of little explosions (not really) when a new bud opens.

This afternoon I will be on a shopping safari once again. My shopping list has not yet been made or my menus planned until Friday. On Saturday No. 1 son will be returning from his two week holiday in Italy and in the evening I will pick him up from the local station. It will then be the big washing and ironing session for a day after he unpacks his case, but he is very organised and gives me no great problems. I have missed him when doing my laundry as he carries it down to the laundry room in my basket and brings it back when it is finished and now I have had to do it myself. I have a very large bag (one of the hospital’s patients bags for their clothing) and have been doing it with that bag, resting it on my walker. It worked quite well actually. I am always glad when I can manage on my own and keep my independence.

And now to the daily work. I made the mistake of deciding on potato rösti with Vichy carrots for lunch meaning I will have a bit more cutting work to do with the machine. At the moment Mr. Swiss is busy with the hoover on the only carpet we have in the apartment as we otherwise have stone floors or wood. I am not a lover of carpets – too much dust.

Have a good summer’s day (or perhaps winter for those down under) and try to take it easy, which is not always possible I know. See you around later.


12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I bank online at home (not on my phone). When I logged into my account this morning I watched a video on how to protect my debit/credit cards from….everything, I guess. I watched the video and got more confused. I am going to keep things as they are. I don’t know what to think about all these ‘improvements.’

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    • I am quite happy with my current banking situation, but you never know what they will be altering to make it “safer”. they make it so safe, that we can no longer get into the system.

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