FOWC with Fandango:Cacophony

Fasnacht 02.03.2019

Switzerland: Cacophony? Such a little counry minding their own business and tending to the lawns and parks surrounding their banks. We all know that no noise is to be made in a bank. We even have only numbers for certain bank accounts, the name of the owners is not to be mentioned.

On the other hand we have carnival in late Winter. These are the days when music is made in the streets, all beginning on a certain Thursday in the early hours of the morning with something to blow or bang: the main idea being making noise. It goes further during the day when strangely masked humans take to the streets dressed in their costumes and now are actually playing music that could be recognised, the louder the better.

I suppose you could compare it to the American composer, Charles Ives, whose famous pieces of music, especially “The Unanswered Question”, might be called cacophony by some. That is a matter of taste, although I quite like it. It is said that he once directed music at the crossroads of a few streets, each band playing a different tune as they walked through the streets, meeting at the centre.

FOWC with Fandango: Cacophony

5 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango:Cacophony

  1. First time hearing this. It does make me wonder what the heck is going on, which may be the unanswered question? In my mind I saw an idyllic looking meadow at the edge of a forest, then someone/something happens there. It’s out of the ordinary and for that I like it.

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