Good Afternoon


Just to prove that I am still here and not amongst the missing, here is a short afternoon greeting coupled with a photo from yesterday afternoon. Now it is just blue skies, no clouds, and just boring.

This morning our cleaning lady was here, I was busy with this and that in the apartment and also had to organise my online banking account with the new method they have developed with entering. At the beginning, many years ago, a code was enough. Then we all got computer generated SMS codes on the telephone and now we have a combination with the grand finale of a nice little picture, composed of dots and colours to scan into your computer, together with a code etc. etc. that might appear afterwards if you have done it correctly. It sounds like fun, but until you get to where you want to go the first time, I needed about half an hour and now it works. What more do they want to invent to make it more certain? Perhaps we should now submit our DNA or get one of those stripy codes tattooed on our hand to hold against the computer screen which they also might change every week until we have no room left on our skin.


And our hot pink (that’s the name of it) buddleia is now flowering at last, one after the other in the front garden. I was thinking about going somewhere this afternoon but after the morning excitement I decided to stay at home to make sure my computer does not feel so alone and neglected. I now have a few blogs to catch up on, so I am now off.

You may all now relax that you know I am still amongst the living, although sometimes I do not quite feel like it. Have fun



10 thoughts on “Good Afternoon

  1. Beautiful skies and beautiful flowers. In the 8 years I have been blogging, I have gone missing more than once, and changed blog names and formats a number of times. Right now, when I reply, it sometimes leaves a photo of me and sometimes, it leaves a photo of a piece of glass. I’m not sure why, and I don’t know where people get directed when they click on my name. It could be any one of three blogs, or one so obsolete that it no longer exists. It is always nice to come back and find familiar bloggers, still writing.

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