FOWC with Fandango: Escape

Remand prison, Solothurn

This is the nearest you get to a prison in our area. It is a remand prison, hence the wire and fence. It is next to the grounds of our local hospital. I remember one of my last stays at the hospital the noise in the evening as the wives would be standing outside and their husbands would be having loud conversations with them from the prison. As far as I know no-one ever tried to break out. That only happens in the larger prisons where sentences are long.

FOWC with Fandango: Escape

RDP Tuesday: Lofty


We are always getting planes flying overhead during the day.

Plane 14.05 (1)

Some have jet power with it streaming from the back turbines, but they are all quite lofty, high in the sky.


And some like to land, in the meanwhile, for a quick bite (absorption) in between like this bluebottle yesterday evening out on the porch. I put him something on one side so that he could enjoy his meal in privacy. Unfortunately two of his colleagues soon joined him and so I told them there was no room for a family feast.


Otherwise we always have cloud visitors that like to get a little lofty now and again.

RDP Tuesday: Lofty

Good Afternoon


Just to prove that I am still here and not amongst the missing, here is a short afternoon greeting coupled with a photo from yesterday afternoon. Now it is just blue skies, no clouds, and just boring.

This morning our cleaning lady was here, I was busy with this and that in the apartment and also had to organise my online banking account with the new method they have developed with entering. At the beginning, many years ago, a code was enough. Then we all got computer generated SMS codes on the telephone and now we have a combination with the grand finale of a nice little picture, composed of dots and colours to scan into your computer, together with a code etc. etc. that might appear afterwards if you have done it correctly. It sounds like fun, but until you get to where you want to go the first time, I needed about half an hour and now it works. What more do they want to invent to make it more certain? Perhaps we should now submit our DNA or get one of those stripy codes tattooed on our hand to hold against the computer screen which they also might change every week until we have no room left on our skin.


And our hot pink (that’s the name of it) buddleia is now flowering at last, one after the other in the front garden. I was thinking about going somewhere this afternoon but after the morning excitement I decided to stay at home to make sure my computer does not feel so alone and neglected. I now have a few blogs to catch up on, so I am now off.

You may all now relax that you know I am still amongst the living, although sometimes I do not quite feel like it. Have fun