FOWC with Fandango: Shake

Dog 13.06.2019

If it has fur and is known by the name of dog and has finished its refreshing swim in the river, then take a photo from a distance and go. Dogs like a nice good shake after having a swim and you could be the victim of an unwanted shower if standing too near.

Otherwise my shaking is limited to the container with the instant whipped cream.

And that is all I have to say on the subject of shaking, so beware of the wet dog.

FOWC with Fandango: Shake

RDP Sunday: Marble


Just a week ago it began to rain marbles here in my garden. I had to take the photos from the window as I did not want to risk getting struck but one of them as they tumbled down from the sky.


Eventually they all rolled together in the corner of the window frame although I believe the wind also played its part in the action. It does not happen often, but hail storms can be quite interesting.

RDP Sunday: Marble

Good Morning


All I can say is what a wonderful day. 8.30 a.m., a blue sky and a slight cooling breeze, what could be better. I have just upbaked our platt bread for something fresh for the week-end, although I had a couple of slices of toast with butter and honey this morning. I have also given the garden a refreshing sprinkle and am ready for the day.


And yesterday afternoon I eventually escaped and took a wheelie into town: same place perhaps very similar photos, but it was quite crowded. This is a view of our market place, at least that is what it is called. The market takes place every Saturday morning and then it is crowded with stalls selling fruit and vegetable, and other foods and with a large selection of flowers for the garden. This was Saturday afternoon and it has all been cleared away and now left to the public that likes to see and be seen. It was my mother-in-law’s big morning of the week when she could dress in her best outfit and meet her colleagues with whom she mostly grew up with in our town.


I wheeled on seeing the familiar sights. This is our catholic cathedral being at the town entrance. It is quite a large building for such a small market town, but a centre of tourism and the steps are always occupied withe someone sitting their looking at the view across our main street opposite,


such as in this photo. There is always someone that is standing opposite the cathedral with a mobile phone in their hands taking a photo.

I entered the town by way of the local museum.


They have a water feature outside the museum and I wheeled past the entrance. They have a few chairs and tables outside and at last there was a lady their organising things a little. It has been a few years since I have actually been in the museum and they have some interest exhibits now and again, especially art by various well known Swiss painters. I took the opportunity to have a few words with her. I had been waiting for this chance for some time and asked how it would be possible for me in my wheelchair to get into the museum. The entrance would be climbing a few stone steps, which my wheelchair would not be able to manage. I had seen they have a lift at the back, but was not sure if I was allowed to use it as it is mainly for deliveries.

She said part of the reason for the lift was for people like myself and I should just ring the bell. Someone will give me an answer over the intercom and ask my intention. Then they send the lift down for my usage. Otherwise when I am in the museum and want to visit on another floor, there is also a lift at my disposal. She was very helpful and I will certainly take her up on her offer at the next interesting exhibition. A little bit of culture is always good.


I saw the stork tower on the opposite river bank as I was wheeling homewards. The baby has grown and no longer hidden in the nest. I also saw them in flight, but that is always the moment when a professional photographer is ready to take a shot and I am still fumbling to get the camera ready, when they have already decided to fly home. Storks are really big birds when you see them flying and very impressive.

Today is going to be a nice relaxing day. Something easy to cook for lunch (ham, green beans and potatoes) and I am good in my routine, having stopped hugging the bed at a normal time this morning. I might even go on a wheelie again this afternoon, I am again in the travelling mood.

Enjoy your Sunday wherever you are.


I leave you with a flowerbed of day lilies I noticed when crossing the cemetery on my wheelie.