FOWC with Fandango: Whistle

Solothurn 10.06 (1)

He was thirsty and wanted another bottle and so he whistled to the waiter but discovered that being made of stone, it did not work. They forgot the vocal cords. Even the horse tried to help with the bottle top, but a horse statue does not neigh. And so they are still sitting there and waiting, although in the meanwhile he had dropped the bottle.


FOWC with Fandango: Whistle

RDP Saturday: Wind


The Swiss are very good at winds
they give them all a name
But if it blows I cannot tell
for a Brit like me they are the same
If blows from North East to South West
It has the name of the Bise
To say it properly with a Swiss Accent
It has to rhyme with teaser (beeser)
That is the one that makes you nervous
and perhaps you get an ache and a pain
Some have a headache, others just moan
And hope it doesn’t start to rain
And then there is the Föhn just like a hairdryer
warm and gentle when it blows
You might have a headache,  a twinge here and there
That is the way that it goes
I feel so guilty married to a Swiss
That I cannot share this ache
I do not notice the weather drama happening
And sleep until the next daybreak

RDP Saturday: Wind

Good Morning


I just love those cloudy mornings, especially with the blue background. I suppose I am lucky to see the wonderful scenery in my village with the ridge of the Jura mountains in the background. Today I am really intending to take a wheelie into town, I have not been there for a week and my camera wants to see something else than just my garden flowers. I live in a lovely village, but nothing really fantastic happens. Younger families are now moving in (and out), and a new background noise is the crying of their offspring, which really does not bother me, life goes on. I hope to see them growing up, the first day in kindergarten and school etc.


My mullein plant is still developing flowers and this morning had a visit rom a bee having breakfast.

Yesterday I did the weekly shopping journey, but nothing special happened. I am now getting into the routine of feeding one less, No. 1 son being away on holiday: although as far as food goes, No. 1 son could count as two less. I no longer have so many leftovers from the meal and am also buying less, of course. I am even saving money, although I have a bill coming up for a new bathroom shower and attachment, but the old one was 20 years old, so I shouldn’t really complain. Things are just not made to last forever. Mr. Swiss was having a problem with his instant coffee, which he likes to drink in the morning. Apparently they have changed the taste, although it seems to be a one off. I bought a new packet yesterday, and this has met with approval. I never drink coffee, due to digestive problems, so I do not know the difference. I stay with tea in the morning, and otherwise just mineral water.


Otherwise it was just a normal evening yesterday. I had a look at my favourite TV soap and Mr. Swiss decided to have an early night, at least earlier than me. We have a new routine, he used to be the one that went to bed after midnight and now he disappears already at 10.30. Always take the advantage of the system, I say, so after emptying the dish washer I organise a few things on the computer. Sometimes I have the laundry to hang up. Using electronic machines after 9.00 in the evening has an advantage: the electricity is half the price and that really makes a difference on the bill.

So now to move on, I am a little later this morning, spent too much time hugging the bed and processing the morning photos. For lack of new photographic material I had a look to see how my two new orchids are progressing.


They are both looking good. Since the weather is now a normal heat and not such a burning sun beating down, my plants are recovering. Too much sun is never good.

I will now leave you all to say good morning to my vacuum cleaner and mop, and shower of course, with a little bit of bed making in between. Have a great day or sleep well according to where you are in the time zone, I am now the power lady, with the bionic action.