RDP Friday: Hike

River Aar 30.10 (10)

Gone are the days when I would take a walk along the river and the grand finale was to climb the path to the top, bringing me back to my village. I would take the steps one after the other, pause in between perhaps, look back and enjoy the view and then I would continue.

This was the hike that told me that I was no longer able. My walks of an hour or two dwindled to half an hour and I would take a rest on a bench on the way. I began to climb the steps sideways, gripping on the wooden supports, but I could still do it.

Our holidays in the Bernese Overland amongst the alps and peaks became dreams of another life that I lead just 20-30 years ago. My husband leading the way, me at the end and the two sons in between.  We would laugh, enjoy, and make a stop for lunch: usually something cold or on the adventurous days we might light a small fire and roast our cervelat (the Swiss sausage). Now memories of another life.

I never thought I would grow old, be less fit, thought that life would continue as ever. Now I look at the photos, see the local paths from a distance in my wheelchair and wonder how it all happened.

Aare 25.06 (4)

RDP Friday: Hike

5 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Hike

  1. It seems like a million years ago when I used to move the furniture around, ride horseback, and climb along the rocks by the ocean to take pictures of the breakers. It was very hard at first. I was really depressed at first, but I got over it. Life is life and we deal with what we have on our plates. I’m just grateful I’m still alive because but for a bit of luck here and there, I wouldn’t be. So many people I used to know are already gone.

    And like you, I’m incredibly grateful to computers which let me communicate with the rest of the world!


    • Time seems to have become my biggest enemy. Everything takes twice as long to complete and it goes so fast. I will never see London again, my home city, will never travel to other towns and places and as you say many are no longer here even younger than I am. Mr. Swiss is 8 years older and is now old (I know, so am I) but he could no longer live on his own and I still manage. Life takes turns that we really do not need, what happened I often ask myself.


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