FOWC with Fandango: Alive


This is my Mac, my apple computer


And this is my windows computer.

I know, I have the best of both worlds, but at my age I would rather invest in my computer than something else. I have fun on my computers.

And now notice that on both computers there is a piece of black tap at the top of the frame in the middle. This is to cover up the computer camera which is always switched on, whether the computer is or not. It is not really 100% necessary, but now and again I am the victim of sextortion. The Swiss government have even constructed a link on the computer Stop Sextortion. I have been a victim a few times, but now know enough to ignore the rubbish that I am being told. Someone sends an e-mail, perhaps even using your own address, to tell you that he has infiltrated your complete computer: knows all your contacts  and has even used your computer camera to film everything you do. If you do not pay the ransom money in bitcoin to stop this, all the films made in your most private moments will be distributed to your contacts. My last mail in this category was today, giving me 50 hours before the ugly truth is shown to all.

The mails come from various different people with different names, but it all comes from the same source and can be in english, german or french. I received a couple in French

My first reaction was shock, but I went further into the computer and discovered that this is a very stupid attempt to blackmail and you should never pay, it is all a very refined fake. If you read the link you will see what it is all about.

I was also advised to close down my computer camera by covering it with tape, which I have done, although there is no danger. I do not know if I am the only one here that has received such mails, but I am still alive to tell the story. I immediately cancel this mails after receiving. I can now only congratulate the Swiss government for establishing this link and are now taking steps to stop this rubbish.

FOWC with Fandango: Alive

8 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Alive

  1. Those of us who have been hacked are right in there with sympathy. They always seem to attack Europe first. I think they test out their tools over there, then come over here and wreak havoc. I canceled two credit cards because I was sure they were being attacked. I don’t trust ANYONE anymore. Everyone is trying to scam me or steal my identification or something and I am very tired of it.

    So in addition to all the other issues in our lives, we now have to look over our shoulders all the time to see if anyone is stealing our names. I turned the camera in both my make and my PC to off. I won’t use it. Don’t use Alexa or any of the other “verbal command” devices.

    EVERY computer is hackable. All they have to do is find the way in.

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    • I have never used Alexa either. I clean my computer every time I am finished, but up to now I have been lucky I have never had my credit card used luckily.This sextortion thing is a joke really. but many believe in it and there have been some that have transmitted moiney. I sometimes think I am hackable sometimes.


  2. It used to be chain letters, then phone scams which are still alive and well. I get those calls regularly, two just this week, but know better than to pay attention to them. Even our computers are not safe. To be honest I have no idea if my laptop camera is recording me. I never use it so I don’t know if it is always on. In any case, it would not get much of interest from me as I only use it in the living room. I might have to think about that piece of tape though.

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    • I don’t think there is a real danger with that camera, but there is no problem to cover up the lens because it is an all seeing eye and not really necessary.


  3. good heavens! It seems a good thing that you’re not a px.n addict 😉
    It’s the camera of course and it may (or not) be used for Skype calls – I just turned it off right at the beginning and I’m not taking any photos with my laptop.
    Thanks for the info.

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    • I stopped Skyping many years ago and I take photos with my iPhone or camera. My computer cameras are blocked completely. The whole thing is one big scam


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