FOWC with Fandango: Alive


This is my Mac, my apple computer


And this is my windows computer.

I know, I have the best of both worlds, but at my age I would rather invest in my computer than something else. I have fun on my computers.

And now notice that on both computers there is a piece of black tap at the top of the frame in the middle. This is to cover up the computer camera which is always switched on, whether the computer is or not. It is not really 100% necessary, but now and again I am the victim of sextortion. The Swiss government have even constructed a link on the computer Stop Sextortion. I have been a victim a few times, but now know enough to ignore the rubbish that I am being told. Someone sends an e-mail, perhaps even using your own address, to tell you that he has infiltrated your complete computer: knows all your contacts  and has even used your computer camera to film everything you do. If you do not pay the ransom money in bitcoin to stop this, all the films made in your most private moments will be distributed to your contacts. My last mail in this category was today, giving me 50 hours before the ugly truth is shown to all.

The mails come from various different people with different names, but it all comes from the same source and can be in english, german or french. I received a couple in French

My first reaction was shock, but I went further into the computer and discovered that this is a very stupid attempt to blackmail and you should never pay, it is all a very refined fake. If you read the link you will see what it is all about.

I was also advised to close down my computer camera by covering it with tape, which I have done, although there is no danger. I do not know if I am the only one here that has received such mails, but I am still alive to tell the story. I immediately cancel this mails after receiving. I can now only congratulate the Swiss government for establishing this link and are now taking steps to stop this rubbish.

FOWC with Fandango: Alive

Good Morning


Not so sunny today,  but an interesting sky. I have not had a lot of time to admire it up to now as today is again day of the fresh bed linen. Whilst Mr. Swiss was still hugging his bed I began to remove my sheets and duvet covers. My first steps are to put the fresh covers on the duvet and cushion, remove the sheets and make an apartment inspection. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss had returned to the land of the living and also demolished the sheeting arrangements on the bed.

I am now in the kitchen celebrating breakfast and the begin of the computer’s new day.


We got the programme for Mr. Swiss eye operation(s) yesterday and it might be that I disappear from here for a couple of days at the end of August and again a week later. Even I got a programme as the accompanying person. They do not have so much room to keep me in the practice during the whole process and so I have to leave. They will call me when everything is dealt with to pick up the patient. I will probably use the time to go shopping. They reckon on about 2 hours per eye, but only do one eye at a time. The second eye follows in a week so I will be on call again for two days. On the second day after the op he has to report after removing the bandage at home to see how the results are, and again a week later for an inspection. Luckily it will not be done in hospital but in the operation room at the practice. During this time I will be concentrating more on Mr. Swiss than blogging.

Other not so happy news is that our lift will be out of order for 2-3 days for cleaning the shaft in two weeks. It has been flooded a couple of times and now will be cleaned. We live on the ground floor, but I need the lift to take me down to my laundry room and garage which causes problems for me relying on my walker for transporting goods and not being able to carry anything. Luckily the key to our entrance door also fits in the neighbouring block, so I can use their entrance for their lift access. We all share the same cellar rooms.

The latest news from Switzerland is that one of our cable railways got stuck yesterday and they had to employ a helicopter to get the 300 marooned people back to ground level. That must have been an exciting excursion.

And now I am off for further deeds to perform. My half-made bed is waiting for me and it seems this afternoon I have an unplanned excursion to Mr. Swiss doctor as he needs some medicine which I can pick up. I was really thinking about a quiet afternoon.

Have a good day, enjoy and I hope to be back if nothing else turns up.