RDP Wednesday: Orgulous


Is this an orgulous chicken, no idea. Until today I had no idea that the word existed. German is the language of the part of the country where I live (Switzerland) so I was curious to see how that would  be translated and guess what. For lack of a better word it says “arrogant” and now I understand what it is all about. It could of course be a rooster with such a bunch of tail feathers and then he probably would be orgulous, having a harem of hens to look after.

I just had a flash on my news reader (on my iPhone) just now. The Swiss are testing a new boarding method on planes: passengers with a seat on the corridor are to be the last ones to board the plane. Those at the window are the superior ones, the orgulous that look down on the others. They go first and can push all the others to one side, board the plane and make themselves comfortable. Then we have those that sit in the middle seat if it is a three seat joined row. They are neither to be orgulous or humble if that is the correct word. Perhaps a word exists for that as well. Just imagine I checked on the computer for the antonym of orgulous and they do not have one.  So those occupying the middle seat get looked down upon by those occupying  the window seat, and those in the corridor have already been reduced to the insignificant.

And the arrogant orgulous chicken trots on and ignores everyone.

RDP Wednesday: Orgulous

14 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Orgulous

  1. And yet I pity those meek window dwellers, stuck in the place while we lucky aisle-seaters dilly dally in the spacious lounge while they’re crowded into their narrow spaces, waiting until the last moment when we can stretch out our legs and trip passersby with our sheer orgulous outrageous space claiming…

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    • Mr. Swiss always preferred the aisle because he had more room. I was a window dweller but I could take better photos from the plane window (being orgulous about it). 🙂


  2. I’d say that the people in the middle are the losers having been stuck between an arrogant anti-semitic French sales clerk and a young rich Jewish world traveler on a flight from New York to Paris. It was a sweltering, thirsty, 8 hour nightmare.

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  3. It’s the aisle for me, too! Hate being stuck in the window, climbing out to use the toilet, or waiting for everyone else to disembark.Still, those who are arrogant usually possess a very blinkered view of life and rarely see the advantages of other ways.
    Good post! I’d never heard of the word before today either…still percolating over what to write for my post 🙂

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  4. Hero Husband and I both also don’t mind waiting to get to our seats but like having that extra leg space (once the plane is on its way, of course) – or when we travel together we have the middle and aisle seat…. I used to take plenty of pictures from my window seat but at one point or another you have taken ALL the clouds/heaven/earth pics there are!


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