FOWC with Fandango: Kingpin


Head is too big for the body
Mouth is always open
Thinks he’s the King of them all
Although the trust is broken
Listens only to his own voice
Speaking double dutch
No-one understands him
His finger has a very sharp touch
We hope one day the Kingpin will snap
and he will lose the job
Convinced he’s the best, a real dictator
A genuine idiotic snob

Guess who

FOWC with Fandango: Kingpin

RDP Tuesday: Strain


I have a plastic garbage bag that laughs at me, although I felt like wiping the grin off its face this morning. Son No. 1 is on holiday and so is his strength and muscles.

We have a system. A normal sized plastic bag (35 liter) is in the garbage can in the kitchen. When it is full we take it out and replace it with a new one. The old bag is transported to our garden cupboard and there we have a smiling bag with a 60 liter capacity, very big. We add bags from the kitchen to this larger bag until it is full.

That is when No. 1 son comes into action. He lifts the 60 liter bag and transports it to the mega large metal container on our estate for the garbage. This is no problem for son No. 1 but he is not here. This morning Mr. Swiss managed to fill this 60 liter smiling bag and then decided to do something else after leaving it in the garden cupboard. We are both no longer the youngest, and our strength is no longer what it was. However, I decided to transport this full 60 liter bag to the container at the end of the path. The first strain came when I lifted it onto my wheeler. The second strain was when it fell off and I had to pick it up again.

I wheeled it down to the garbage collection and lifted (actually threw it) into the garbage container. This was the strain. Now I know why the plastic garbage bags are licking their lips. Mr. Swiss did say, afterwards, that he was going to fetch the trolly from the cellar to transport it, His intentions were good.

RDP Tuesday: Strain

Good Morning


Nothing new this morning, although I am a bit later as my angelic cleaning lady is here. I am so lucky to have her. She does the job perfectly, It is not so self-evident that someone does the job so well. I can just leave her to it.

Otherwise I am still trying to get to my new routine without No. 1 son. He usually works during the day, but somehow something is still missing. I am having problems with my shopping, reducing amounts to cook. Yesterday we had the remains of lunch for the evening meal. I cooked enough pasta to feed the five thousand, not exactly, my son would have eaten everything.


My campanula (bellflowers or balloon flowers) are now flowering wonderfully. I have a problem with the name of this plant as it seems that everyone calls it something differently. When they were new they were a compact little plant about ten years ago. Now they arrive every year, same place same time, and have grown taller.


My front garden is also developing. The rain has now disappeared and I hope so have the slugs. They seem to like it wet and damp.

I went shopping yesterday for this and that. I had to organise a small watering can as I have one plant in the front garden in a pot, a white mini rose, and the hose drowns it completely.  At last our shower in the bath has been repaired. I have a bathroom and a shower room, but rarely use the bath as I have difficulties climbing into it and almost need someone to pull me out again. The shower is easier. I can stand, even have a seat in it and no problem. Mr. Swiss prefers the bath but the shower completely gave up, so I had to call the plumber. He came yesterday and after half an hour we had a completely new shower head with holder fixed on the wall. We used to fit it ourselves, but now prefer to call the expert to do it.  Gradually we are compiling a list of the handymen we need for our jobs.  They are mostly local, nice friendly guys and eventually you really get to know them. Our plumber became independent with his own company a couple of years ago after the owner went into retirement and is doing the job perfectly.

And now I am hoping for smooth runnings for the next couple of weeks: no doctor appointments, no repair jobs and just taking it easy.

And now to move on to the kitchen. Have a good restful day see you around.