Good Morning


Nothing special going on this morning up above justa greyish sky, although clouds are approaching and it can only get better. However, yesterday early evening the moon showed up with a few clouds. Even Mr. Swiss was tempted to take  a photo which is a rare happening.  He was the one that got me started with photography when he bought a new digi camera and gave me his old one. Since then I have been taken photos everywhere. I am not sure what his motives are, but he makes a sporadic photo. Since I have Google photos we automatically share our photos.

Actually talking of Google photos I am now gradually transferring my complete achives into Google, although I still remain with Flickr: both systems have their advantages. I find the photo quality better with Google but they are not so versatile when finding an old photo to publish in WordPress. At the moment I have the best of both worlds.


In the meanwhile whilst I am writing this piece, the sun has arrived and the grey is slowly dispersing into clouds, so it look like the day is improving. Isn’t modern photography wonderful, you can give a moment by moment development on the computer with just a small telephone camera.


What else is happening on this plain old Monday morning. I had a look in the garden and notice that my mullein plant is now sprouting flowers everywhere. This seems to be a good survivor and I am hoping for a few seedlings for next year.


Look what I found crawling on my bedroom wall yesterday. At first Mr. Swiss identified it as a spider, but green spiders are not so common, at least not in our part of the world. I eventually decided it was some sort of grasshopper, although it was missing the left back leg. I decided to leave him and in the evening found him in a crumpled heap on the floor. At least he spent his last hours in grasshopper friendly surroundings.

Today is a day of shopping and I am having to completely rethink my system. It is now only Mr. Swiss and I for meals, No, 1 son relaxing on a beach somewhere in Italy and he eats everything. I never have remainders when he is at home. Up to now we two are also eating everything, but Sunday evening is a meal of remainders, choisi de frigidaire, so everything was digested. Today is a different kettle of fish. I have already got Monday lunch, a veal ragout, but evening meals are going to be self service. A little bit of ham, some salami and cheese from the fridge. And I must remember not to buy too much bread. I still have a good fresh remainder of my freshly baked up platt bread for this evening.

I am glad to say we also have no appointments for the next couple of weeks. Only after lunch today our plumber will be calling in because our shower attachment in the bath has now gone to the happy hunting grounds, although I cannot complain. It has lasted for at least 30 years and we all feel our age one day. A new shower attachment should do the trick for the remainder. So enough of such negative thoughts, today is a beginning of the rest and we should always look forward.


My red/pink sedum is now flowering, and what a colour splash that is making. I should really go on a camera walk some time, but I am also having a holiday for a couple of weeks and am happy to be at home taking it easy.

And now to go and set up my veal ragout, a matter of a few minutes, have a shower in my shower and begin the daily programme. Enjoy life and have a good week everyone. I am wondering what the day will hold for me and Mr. Swiss.


4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Monday morning and a good day to talk to doctors, get new prescriptions, race to pharmacies and get them, then race home again. Mainly, to make sure the pharmacy gets them and Garry gets there to collect them. One doctor is in, one won’t be in until 10 and the pharmacy isn’t open until 9 and I’m tired. I forgot to take anything out for dinner tonight, so I guess I need to go do that so it will defrost. I wonder what it will be? I have NO idea! But at least we do have food. I think.


  2. Good Morning. It is still morning here; about 7:30. I tried to get some more sleep than I normally do last night by retiring an hour earlier, but only woke an hour earlier. This is getting bothersome.
    Anyway, good morning.


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