RDP Sunday: Lion


I once had a lion cat and we called her Nera, because of her black colouring (Italian for black). She had long thick fur and even practiced roaring now and again, but she was a normal domestic cat, so did not have a lot of success. She was the litter sister of Tabby, my cat that blogs.

Nera is no longer amongst us and met her tenth life a few years ago, but is still missed. Nera had problems with her fur. In Summer it became the home for slugs and other creatures and it would also get quite knotted and so once a year she went to the vet for her lion cut.

The first cut (under sedation)

The cut was done under sedation as Nera was very particular about who touched her. When she arrived at the vets they were ready for her  and usually covered her with a black cloth until she was sleeping peacefully.

Nera had a haircut

And this was the result, the “lion cut”. At last she could cool down in Summer. I must say the vet did it quite well. She kept her mane around her head and her tail and legs also remained furry. I am sure it was then that she would practice her roar in front of the mirror. For once in the year she was a lion.

RDP Sunday: Lion

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