Good Morning


After a night of thunder, rain and storms the sun decided to ban them all this morning as when I stopped hugging the bed and looked out of the window I was greeted with this, which almost blinded me.  Actually I missed all the fun. I was tired yesterday, after getting up so early in the morning to bring my son to the station and was glad to hit the sheets with all the details and must have slept through it all. It was only this morning when Mr. Swiss informed me that I was snoring quite loud through the night (I snore?) and whether I did not hear the storm.  I heard absolutely nothing, but a wet garden greeted me this morning.


I thought I had seen the last of the roses, but my climbing rose has produced another two stalks of flower buds. One has opened but looking a little sorry for itself, loaded with rain drops and going a little brown at the edges. However there are a few more to come.

Yesterday after my midday sleep I was planning to take a trip to the store. I am not really happy about Saturay afternoon trips shopping, as that is when everyone wants to go shopping. Even Mr.Swiss decided to come with me. It was raining and claps of thunder could be heard, but Mr. Swiss told me “what’s in a storm”. I could have told him a few things such as road conditions, getting wet etc. but decided to say nothing. If you are sitting inside a car, what could possibly go wrong. Of course I found no parking space when I arrived at the store for handicapped, but there were a couple of free places next to them, reserved spaces for deliveries to the electro part and on Saturday afternoon no-one delivers, so I parked there.

I really only had a few things to buy so there we were, both enering the store and each of  us hanging onto our walkers. What a sight that must have been. Admittdly I must still use words of persuasion for Mr. Swiss to actually use his, but he is gradually getting used to it. It is all a matter of adapting to the new ways of golden oldie life. In the meanwhile it had stopped storming and we drove home in sunshine again. It is strange not having No. 1 son at home whilst he is on holiday, although this is now my annual holiday, just doing what I want to and when I want to. Taking the washing down to my laundry room in the basement and bringing it up again is a little tiresome as my son always does it for me, but I have a king-sized plastic bag from our local hospital for patient belongings and I can balance it well on my wheeler.


Today being Sunday I have no big plans. I have not been on a photo safari around town and country for some time due to the hot sunny afternoons. It is has now cooled down considerably and temperatures have normalised, so perhaps I might venture forth this afternoon.

Now it is time to move my body to the shower and do a general organisation of the home, although no rush. I am even thinking about baking a fruit tart – apricots.


Have a good day everyone and enjoy as much as possible, it can only get better.


6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Day.
    Apricots were the main fruit crops I remember when I was kid. They were the most common in the orchards in the Santa Clara Valley. Prunes were the second most common.

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  2. Ironically, I have a walker — just in case — but it’s useless in the shower. I think I need to attach sticky strips to the soles of my feet!

    We had a beautiful day too, until I heard the thunder a little earlier. I don’t think it rained, though. I must have rained nearby, but not here.

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