RDP Saturday: Sick


My hostas are sick
being eaten alive
They are full of holes
are shrivelled, taking a dive
They really have no chance
against an army of slime
Twenty-seven thousand teeth
is the slug munching crime
All I can do is to hope to stop their lick
Three beds of hostas
Are feeling very sick
Where is the salt
That will make slugs melt
But then I have slimy puddles
On a conveyer belt

RDP Saturday: Sick

10 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Sick

    • I have three beds and this one was always under attack, but now they have discovered the other beds. It’s the weather. They disappeared when we had full sun all day, but as soon as it rains, they make the most of it.


    • P.S. My garden is weird this year. Peonies for the first time, good iris, the beans are sick and an Australian pumpkin is coming up from seed. I don’t know… I think next year I will just hire someone to put down sod and forget the whole thing. 🙂

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      • I had my garden redone last year with raised beds because I could no longer manage bending down. We have a good gardener and they have a lady that does the new planning together with her friend who owns the business. We had a talk about what she would plant, I made a few suggestions but that was last year and I am now only seeing the results. Everything that is growing is a wonderful surpris and I do not have a lot of work with it. They are mostly perrenials that will arrive every year and I had some space to add my own thing. Today I discovered a parsley that is actually preparing a flower which I have never had before although I had to deadhead it otherwise the plant would die.

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