RDP Friday: Camp

At the foot of the Atlas mountains

This is the nearest I ever got to a camp. This was at the foot of the Atlas moutains in Morocco about half an hour by Land Rover from Marrakesh. My husband’s company had their annual excursion to Morocco and we were invited.

It was a day full of games and adventure and good food. In the afternoon we were somewhere in the desert, not really sand, but small rocks and paths going up and down in the hills. Each couple were given a Land Rover and the idea was to drive a certain route twice: very adventurous. Of course the ladies gave the men the steering wheel with one exception, me. If I was at the foot of the Atlas mountains with the opportunity to once in my life drive a jeep over the hills, then I wanted to do it. I thought I could tell my grandchildren one day about the time when I was driving a jeep in Africa. So Mr. Swiss drove the first route and I drove the second.

The tents in the picture were not made for camping, but we were served our food in them and a few of the jeeps are parked there.

Otherwise I have never slept in a tent or gone on a camping trip. I am more the holiday apartment/house or hotel person. I a not even a fan of Bar-b-Ques.

RDP Friday: Camp

Good Morning


Nothing special this morning, just another blue sky and sun. I thought we might have a storm again, but nothing. Our weather remains constantly hot and sunny, although there is now a pleasant breeze in the morning. I have stopped sitting outside in the afternoon with my computer but prefer to take the back room with the window wide open. It is cooler.


I noticed that our bees are now very busy collecting their daily pollen. This little bee was on my mullein flower and its bags on its legs were already quite full with their deep orange colour. Everything is now flowering in the garden.


I have various types of hostas and these are the last to flower. It was a race against the slugs, but the flowers won. I have a few leaves with a new design where the slugs attacked, but now the hot sunny weather is back they have again retreated.

Yesterday my No. 1 son finished work for his summer holidays. Today he will be organising the remainder of the packing. He already got his train ticket to Olten which is the next large station from our town of Solothurn, where the coach will be waiting to take him further to Jesolo in Italy. I will be taking him to the local station tomorrow morning, meaning up early and drive off at 7.00 in the morning, but the local station is only a five minute drive if the traffic is good.

When he is gone it is the only time during the year that Mr. Swiss and I are completely alone. For me it means less cooking and shopping and perhaps a different menu plan with some items that my son does not eat (autists can be very fussy).


My sweet pea are now flowering in the garden in my hedge. This was my original idea for some colour in between the green. However, the seeds flew everywhere and the surrounding spare patches of grass and meadows are also now full of the plant. The local gardener has now mowed it all down but they will return  most certainly.

My No. 2 son is also at the moment on holiday in France. Yesterday evening just as I was thinking about hugging the bed, he sent me  some photos. Online life is really something great to keep you in contact.

We are now approaching the lazy days of summer when our area empties with people departing for holidays. I am glad that everything is getting quieter now and also that we are staying at home.  When the kids were still kids we would go somewhere for a couple of weeks, usually rent a chalet or apartment somewhere in the Bernese Overland, or Italian part of Switzerland. They were good holidays, we were a young family and more active. Today we are just happy to stay at home and watch the garden grow and take it easy.

And now I will begin my daily chores, a little bit of this and that. I hope you all have a good day. It is Friday so now the week-end is arriving, although what’s a week-end to a golden oldie? Just two days like the others.