Good Morning


We are back to blue cloudless skies this morning, so here is the early evening sky from yesterday. At least it has some cloud action.

Yesterday was a day almost back to normal again. After the doctor visit of Mr. Swiss the day before I urgently needed some normal routine to smooth things over.  Mr. Swiss announced yesterday that he would come shopping with me in the afternoon. No problem, there is plenty of room in the car and it does him good to see something else than the four walls at home. He is not a complete invalide, but has his walking problems amongst others. So we put his walker in the back of the car and off we went. The stores are in a mall on two floors. His business was downstairs and mine upstairs in the supermarket, so we parted company and I did my thing, whilst he did his and waited for me on a bench until I was finished.

It is a new situation for us both, both being handicapped with walking. I usually leave my walker at home as the supermarket trolley is just as good and has more room to pile in the bought goods. It took a time for Mr. Swiss to get used to using it when we go places, but it becomes part of your normal life. I am just determined not to let this MS thing take over my life. It does to a certain extent, but there are ways and means to adjust. I am now a full profi and Mr. Swiss still an amateur, but learning fast. Even with 80 years you can adjust. There is also the aspect of getting out and going places and I found it was a good thing that Mr. Swiss at last was out of our four walls and amongst the public.


At the store I saw they had a special offer on orchids. I do have an orchid at home which has begun to flower again, but not developing so well. For the price of only five Swiss Francs for a plant I naturally grabbed at the chance and bought two. A white one is always a choice, but they had so many various colours I had a problem deciding on the second one.


I chose this pink one and now have them on the porch on the table, but in the shade. Even the sun can be too much for an orchid.

I noticed yesterday that my hosta leaves are developing holes. There is one sort which is always under attack from the slugs, but now it has spread to the other hostas. The slug had disappeared for a few weeks during the hot summer days, but temperatures are now normalising a little and it rained in between and the slug population is increasing. It was a signal for the slugs to make their way from their dark spaces up to plant life and stock up on edibles, hostas being one of their favourites.


Luckily my bell flowers (campanella) are not on the slug menu plant. The have been in my garden for a few years and begin to flower in July. They are easy to care for. Some call them balloon flowers as they tend to explode when operning.


Today is a day at home. I have not planned anything and it is still too hot for a wheelie somewhere in the afternoon, although who knows. I might change my mind.

And now to enter my daily housewife life with a little bit of cleaning, a little bit of ironing and a little bit of cooking. Have a good day or night and if you are bored, there is always a computer waiting for you somewhere.




14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I used to have balloon flowers in my garden–I did enjoy their little explosion when opening. I think you are definitely a pro as you get around and do so much. You don’t let things stop you and that is admirable.

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  2. Oh everything is so beautiful. Enjoy your orchids. They can give lots of pleasure for a long time. I will check to see if ours are on sale, if they are I may get another one or two … we will have to see. SLP

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  3. Good Day! You certainly have some delightful flowers there. That rose looks like my mother’s favorite of the red roses. None of her other favorites are red, and the red one is the only of her favorites that I actually like. The others are all blended colors, like ivory white (rather than just pure white), yellow blushed with pink (rather than yellow or pink), and so on. Anyway, she liked this red one enough to get three of the same, and had me put them in the middle of a row of nine in her main rose garden where the hybrid tea roses are. Since then, she got more floribunda roses and those trendy David Austin roses that I dislike so much. The floribundas and David Austin roses are better suited for the rest of the garden (outside of the space set aside for the rose garden), so that is where they went. I am pleased that she still enjoys the roses and fruit trees, and might be enjoying it even more now that her great granddaughter helps her with it.

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    • I also like the red roses most of all. Unfortunately we have had such aggressive sun this summer that my roses reventually got burnt. I took this photo when it was still fresh. The only good survivors were my pink climbing roses. I thought they had finished flowering, but I noticed fresh buds have appeared.

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          • No one felt it here, 275 miles away. We would not have been aware that it happened if we did not see it on the news. However, now that we know that it happened, we can not get much news about it. It is all advertisements! Some of the internet mess includes pictures of devastation from other unrelated incidents, just to get people to stop and see the advertisements! I have heard from actual ‘news’ that many building in Trona have been damaged. However, many buildings in Trona were abandoned. Trona is a ghost town that has not yet died out yet. Residents burn abandoned homes just to get a better view, or just to make them go away. . . or just because they are bored on a Friday night.

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