Good Morning


For a change we begin with yesterday evening. It was approaching sunset and so I was cloud gazing again from my comfortable chair on the porch and saw this cloud formation. Perhaps it was the trail of a giant spaceship approaching earth from another world, who knows It was a quiet evening so I decided it was more a mood of the evening sky.


Five minutes later we got this one over our village and this was really sundown mood. It was a very pleasant evening and at last our hot, hot, hot weather is beginning to behave itself: still temperatures around 30°C but a cooling breeze to accompany them.

As I predicted, I was away yesterday morning, busy accompanying Mr. Swiss to the eye doctor.  He had a preliminary check up before the operation, which will be happening at end August/beginning September. It was quite a stress yesterday as I drove off at 10.00 a.m. and we were only finished at 11.30. He also had an informative talk with the anaesthetist (another word I had to check the spelling of). They will be removing the lens of his eye(s) (second one will be done two weeks later) and replacing them with new lens made of acryl glass, the first steps to becoming a bionic man. If only they could replace all body parts with such an ease. I was present at the talks to make sure we both get it right and for me also informative, as my left eye will be rechecked in a year to see how it is progressing and I will probably be having the same operation. There was also the option of having it lasered (when you would probably no longer need to wear glasses), but when you are 80 years old that is no longer so important. It will all be carried by the insurance. If you wish for laser operation, you pay the thousand francs yourself.


I dead headed a few plants in my garden this morning. Already I am cutting the dead flowers away. It seems such a short time that they flower. This one (believed to be a smaller sunflower) opened its bud this week and there are a few to follow.

I notice with this summertime that all sorts of strange insects are finding their way into our apartment, although nothing too bad. I was just a little perturbed yesterday evening when Mr. Swiss told me he met a centipede on the way to the bedroom. It was so fast it disappeared before he could do something about it, although he never kills an insect, just helps them to find their way outside again. I think my reaction would have been to place my foot on its body and it hundreds of legs after taking a photo of course.

Today I will be catching up a bit on my housework. Yesterday I did the general tidying up after lunch as I was away in the morning. Today I want to polish up a few windows (no great cleaning operation necessary). I was surprised yesterday morning just as I was thinking about leaving with Mr. Swiss and my cleaning lady arrived at the door. She had forgotten I postponed the work for this week and then she remembered. Man is a creature of habit it seems.

My habit tells me to go shopping this afternoon. After more or less giving up with driving a car when Mr. Swiss got retired, I never thought that I would be a regular driver again and  chauffeur for my other half as well. Life has many changes when you grow older.

So make the most of the day, whether working, on holiday or just sleeping through the night. I hope to be back after my daily aventures at home and in the store.


The next plant I am waiting to open its buds in my garden, just a normal sedum.


13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Have a wonderful day. Good luck with the eye operation. Did they tell you about rods and cones? My wife had that done a few years ago and now has rods and cones … reallly bad …. not good. SLP ….

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    • Know nothing about rods and cones, but we have it all in German and we had an eye model to demonstrate what is happening. Mr. Swiss is the patient this time, I have another examination in a year.


  2. Good Morning. I just mentioned deadheading in my gardening column for next week. The main topic was saving seed for later. I needed to mention deadheading, and possibly leaving a few old flowers in the process, so that they can produce a few seed. I just sent the last copy off to the Canyon News of Beverly Hills, which is in the Los Angeles region, and the farthest south of the papers that I write for. Do people in Switzerland know what Los Angeles is? I must sound presumptuous, but I sort of expect that people there know about Los Angeles and San Jose like I know about Bern and Zurich. I happen to know about Lucerne because that is the name of a (now old) Buick that evolved out of the old Electra.

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    • 🙂 To be quite frank, I think we Swiss know more about the states and where the places are than vice versa. Many Swiss have family in the states that emigrated generations ago and many Swiss also work in the States for their Swiss companies. My grandmother’s brother went to Kansas City to live in 1905 or something like that
      and grounded his family there. His son even visited my grandmother when I was a baby.

      We know all about Los Angeles, the city of the angels and my dad was a keen follower of Al Capone and knew everything about Chicago. He even saw Al Capone’s car in England when it was here at an exhibition.

      And now off to cook lunch, I have been long enough on this computer this morning. See you lalter today – your afternoon, my evening probably.

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      • Actually, I may not come back until later. I would like to get to sleep earlier tonight.
        I should tell you something amusing about immigration in America. For some reason, white people think that they have been here longer than anyone else. They often ask people like me about our families in the ‘old country’, as if we just got off the boat. I have bee asked what part of Mexico I am from, perhaps because white people believe that people of Italian descent are from Mexico. Sometimes, white people try to talk to me in Spanish, as if that is what everyone of Italian descent speaks. White people seem to not distinguish between those of Italian, Mexican and maybe Portuguese descent. When someone asks about my family in the old country, I tell them that I still have quite a bit of family in . . . Sunnyvale (where my ancestors are from, near San Jose). When asked what part of Mexico I am from, I tell them ‘Los Gatos’ (which is also near San Jose). When they try to talk to me in bad Spanish, I tell them in bad Spanish that I do not speak Spanish, and ask if they happen to know how to speak English. I sometimes want to respond in French (a universal language for white people), or maybe ask what part of Ireland that the offending person is from (because that is where all white people come from). What is even funnier is what Brent gets. White people sometimes try to talk to him in ‘ebonics’ (a dialect of some descendants of formerly enslaved people of African descent). Brent, a native of the Los Angeles region, has absolutely no experience with ebonics. When we were in school, someone emphatically asked him (as if all people of African descent play basketball), “Yo bro! How’s the team?” OH MY! I could not stop laughing, and I am still laughing three decades later!

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        • It is certainly amusing. You know Switzerland has four official languages. We are in the German speaking part (Swiss German actually). According to which part you speak your own dialect. We speak Solothurn German which is similar to Bernese German and often the. Swiss did not understand other German dialects. For this reason school is basically taught in proper German. Writing is always proper German. We live about half an hour from the language border where French is the official language. At the beginning of the 1800’s an Italian area joined Switzerland in the south so their official language is Italian. And in the East there is the mountainous area of Graubünden where they have their own language, romansch, which also has a few different dialects to complicate matters, although everyone there also speaks German otherwise no one would understand them. I speak Swiss German fluently, our family language, although I am a Brit. My French is OK and so is my Italian. I understand a little Romansch, but not good enough to speak it. All packing in the supermarket is in three languages and the population of Switzerland is only about eight million. And then we have the immigrants from East Europe who have their own languages of Serbic origin, as well as many from Turkey.

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          • ALL that in such a small area. Dialects used to be more common, but are diluting with the way people interact with each other all over the world. The ‘Val’ dialect that people think originated in the San Fernando Valley,, actually started in the Santa Clara Valley. I used to be able to identify someone who was fro the Santa Clara Valley from my generation, just by the way we spoke.

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  3. Hi, Mrs AS
    I had both cataracts done – that eye procedure you described for Mr AS – and they did it on the same day to both; very quick and entirely painless, before, during and after. I was able to do anything, even driving, afterwards, apart from that very day when my PA had to wait and drive me home. And don’t rub your eyes. Drops need to be put in the eyes, two kinds at first, then one and finally none. So now I only wear glasses for close work – computer and reading. Nice to walk about without glasses. Good luck to both of you and don’t worry about that op.

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    • That is how they described it at the doctors. We know a few people that have had it done with success. My dad was 85 when he was operated and always used eye drops afterwards


  4. Garry had that surgery a decade ago and HE LOVES HIS NEW EYES. In fact, Tom had the same surgery just a few months ago and HE loves is new eyes. I’ve been lobbying for new eyes, but all I got were new glasses. Sheesh.

    Love those pointy clouds in that first picture. They look like “arrow” clouds!

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    • Everyone is telling us how good it is, no pain and a perfect job, so Mr.. Swiss is hoping for the best.
      We are getting some interesting clouds at the moment


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