RDP Monday: Sputter


As if the weather gods knew, just a I was about to write about a sputter (and I had no idea what to write), it began to sputter down from the sky, more than a sputter, a deluge of sputter. After a week of record temperatures I noticed on my way home from shopping that black clouds had began to gather up in the heights of the Jura mountains. I had been at home about half an hour and there was a sputter of rain drops.

The rain drops began to change into pieces of ice, and suddenly we had a complete hailstorm. They were not sputtering against the windows, but crashing and so I took a few photos, although now have quite a sputter of water in the room from the melting hailstones that entered when I had the window open. As the hailstones began to melt I had a small pond so had to get a mop.

And here is the final photo of my hailstones where they had collected in the corner of the window outside.


RDP Monday: Sputter

6 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Sputter

    • I just had to live with it, but they are not ideal for my health problems. I mainly stayed at home in the afternoon. It was too hot to go anywhere. And now we have a storm in the background, it is raining and everything has cooled down a little I am glad to say.

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      • I can imagine how glad uou must be that it has cooled down. I hope you don’t get that overpowering heat again. I can understand how your health problems would have suffered. We had it very hot on Saturday but not as hot as The rest of Europe. And even that was bad enough for me. I meant to pop in to see how you was doing whilst the hot spell was on, but reading has got so hard for me of late. I have however just read back a bit over your posts. Anyway, here’s to a summer of rather cooler temperatures! All the best to you Pat.

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    • They were certainly big hailstones. In Bern, the.captal City about 40 kilometers from us, they were as big as golf balls and caused some damage to the cars


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