FOWC with Fandango: Manage


How do you manage to lose your shoes
They were laying on the ground in a row
Some were the right foot and others were the left
and some had a pointed toe
I searched on the streets for the other shoe to match
Hoping I could create a pair
But I saw no people hopping on one foot
Perhaps they were sitting in a chair
Although a golden oldie I tend to forget
But I always wear a shoe on each side
Someone must be hopping or jumping along
Or perhaps they are horsebound for a ride.

FOWC with Fandango

RDP Monday: Sputter


As if the weather gods knew, just a I was about to write about a sputter (and I had no idea what to write), it began to sputter down from the sky, more than a sputter, a deluge of sputter. After a week of record temperatures I noticed on my way home from shopping that black clouds had began to gather up in the heights of the Jura mountains. I had been at home about half an hour and there was a sputter of rain drops.

The rain drops began to change into pieces of ice, and suddenly we had a complete hailstorm. They were not sputtering against the windows, but crashing and so I took a few photos, although now have quite a sputter of water in the room from the melting hailstones that entered when I had the window open. As the hailstones began to melt I had a small pond so had to get a mop.

And here is the final photo of my hailstones where they had collected in the corner of the window outside.


RDP Monday: Sputter

Good Morning


We have clouds again after a week. Morning temperatures are also normalised, although I do not want to say that our heat wave is over. I am not sure whether I will be here with my Good Morning tomorrow as I have to take Mr. Swiss to the Eye doctor for the preliminary inspections for his eye operation. At the moment I am a bit in a stress situation as my son also departs on his annual vacation at the week-end and I will have to bring him to the station Saturday morning early. I am glad that he organises his packing himself. This is the first year that I take him to the station myself as it used to be a Mr. Swiss task.


Yesterday evening we also had one of those wonderful sunset sceneries. One of the advantages of having a heat wave I suppose, there are not many. I will be glad when the heat really cools down a bit. Europe seems to be turning tropical at the moment. It is the first time that I have had to cover my plants in the garden to stop them burning in the sun. I managed to save my sage at the last moment and now I cover it during the day. I rescued my parsley at the last moment Even some of my hollyhock buds seemed to dehydrate before they have a chance to open.


My mullein plant is thriving and growing. Something else new in my garden. Some might say it is a weed, but I find it quite pretty.

I was busy beginning to transfer all my photos from my Flickr account to my Google host yesterday. Luckily I have them all nicely organised in various folders on my computer which saves  a lot of work. Flickr have managed to lose two of my files in the past two weeks. I wrote to them and they answered that they are looking into it, but I have a lot of files. Google are much less complicated. The only place where I am on line with my photos and writing is WordPress and they have an arrangement with Google so I will be quite happy to leave my Flickr account. I am not getting younger and the time is approaching where I no longer have to plan for 50 years ahead.


I also spotted this one in the garden this morning. I think it might be a sort of sunflower, but am not sure. Defining all these various plants can get very complicated as many look alike.

This afternoon is another day of my pilgrimage to the supermarket. I am hoping it might cool down a bit, but at least I now know how the air-conditioning functions in the car.

And now to move on to the daily routine with all the bits and pieces. Have a good beginning to the week everyone.