RDP Sunday: Sheets


This is how the corner should look on your mattress when you have put on the fitted sheet. Many years ago you had a sheet at the bottom to cover the mattress and a sheet on top and you could slide in between when you went to bed.

This has now changed. The days of sheets, even blankets and the eiderdown have gone. It has all been simplified by the Scandinavian method. Forget the sheets to be tucked at the corners and the top sheet no longer exists, we now have the duvet: this large soft cover to the bed, which also has its problems when covering with a new clean duvet cover, but to the sheets.

We all have our system for fresh bed linen so I will not go into details about when, the problem is how. Mr. Swiss has now left it all to me as he can no longer manage. I am also at the end of my patience with the bottom expandable jersey sheet, but I have my system. We have the wonderful invention of a fitted bottom sheet. The advantage is you have no unwanted creases and it does not leave the mattress once it is fixed.

I begin at one bottom corner – no problem. It fits nicely as in the photo. Now you stretch the sheet to fit the other corner. The sheets are made to fit nice and tight so pull the bottom sheet until it fits on the opposing corner. This might mean lifting the mattress and using your concentrated weight and strength to complete the job, but at last it happens. Now you stretch your expandable sheet to reach the top corner of the mattress, simultaneously tucking it under the mattress as you go.  At the third attempt you might succeed and now you have the mattress with a stretch sheet fitted on three corners. The fourth corner is the most difficult. And so you make yourself comfortable, perhaps laying on the mattress and gripping the free corner that is not covered and pull until this corner of the mattress up until it can be covered by the left over corner of the fitted sheet. Are you with me? You are exhausted and the corners are not as perfect as they could be, except for the first corner at the bottom of the mattress, where you began. Perhaps it might now help to actually lay on the mattress to flatten it all nicely.

Of course there is a great advantage to the new style of stretch jersey fabric sheets, you do not have to iron them. Just put them in the washing machine, hang them up and let them dry. You can really save time which will be compensated by the time you need to put them on the bed.

Lesson two will be how to cover your king sized duvet with the cover, because that is the next part of the bed covering with fresh linen. This is certainly progress as opposed to the old days when you had to tuck in the top sheet all around the bed, now you have a duvet.

RDP Sunday: Sheets

9 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Sheets

  1. I still use a top sheet under my duvet, or doona as we usually call them here. I like to feel tucked in, a restless or greedy sleeper can pull the duvet off to their own side of the bed or cause it to fall on the floor. Of course, I no longer have this issue and sleep in a single bed now but I still like tucking in my top sheet. The fitted sheet on the bottom is handy although I usually have more success when I start from the top corner for some reason. It’s certainly a lot easier with a single bed than a king-sized one.

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  2. I have never, I repeat never, ironed sheets in my life. 🙂

    Monday here, and it’s the day I change the sheets on the kids’ beds, which makes me want to end my life. But I do hospital corners, for sure! And I tuck in the edges of their doonas. Ah, life is such fun 🙂

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  3. I guess you don’t fling yourself over your duvet to get the cover on, huh. My problem with fitted sheets is figuring out which is the wide end and which is the narrow end. Unless it’s striped, I never get it right.

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