Good Morning


And another wonderful summer morning in my little corner of Switzerland where the cows and hedgehogs say goodnight to each other. Actually there are no cows to be seen at the moment as the farmers keep them in the stables during the day because of the heat. They are now doing the night shift out on the pastures under the light of the moon and with cool breezes. Yes, we Swiss are kind to our cows with the exception of removing their horns before they begin to grow – but that is another story.


Otherwise I saddled my wheelchair yesterday and made my way into town in the afternoon. It was our market festival and I decided to have a look around. As you can see there was not a lot going on. I think due to the heat people decided to visit more in the evening. I was also not so keen on going as usual as it was really a too hot for comfort but I thought I could gather some photo material.


There were some interesting market stalls, but nothing new. I think the real action takes place in the evening when people meet and sit at the places supplied for food and drink and even music.


During the day it was more seeking shelter from the sun and having a cool beer or whatever.


I eventually decided to make my way home along the river bank and see whether my swan pair had now had their cygnets. The last time I was there about a week ago the mother was still sitting on the eggs. This time the next was deserted, not a trace of the swan pair and the five egg contents were also not there. Breeding time was finished for the swans and probably the next time I see them they will be taking a paddle with mum and dad. The next generation of swans on the River Aar has arrived.

My No. 1 son disappeared in the early evening to town to enjoy the fun and Mr. Swiss and I just took it easy at home, although I had the garden to water and a few computerised objects to tend to.


I noticed that our river has now become populated again. People were floating on all sorts of devices on the river and the banks were full of  groups either grilling their food or just laying in the sun and enjoying the weather. Of course there were many taking a swim in the river, although not my sort of thing, or never was. If you throw a dog in the water it swims and so do I in the same style, although that was the olden days. The water in our river is clean enough, but there are all sorts of objects on the river bed. If you cannot use it, just throw it in the river. The last time they had a clean up they found about 50 bikes amongst other rubbish.

And now to carry on with the Sunday chores. Nothing exhausting, but it has to be done. I am also slowly transferring all my 70,00 photos from Flickr (terrible programme and costs money) to Google which suits me better. I am doing that in the background on my second computer, so no big problem.

Enjoy your Sunday, and see you later.


19 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Dang! It is the Loch Ness Monster!
    Los Gatos is in the Santa Clara Valley, which is a chaparral climate, which is only differentiated from desert by the more abundant rainfall. My former neighborhood got about a foot of rainfall annually. Here, just a few miles over the Santa Cruz Mountains, we get at least three times as much, and happen to be located where significant water flows through. The confluence of Zayante Creed and Bean Creek is right outside; and they flow into the San Lorenzo River about half a mile downstream. There are two smaller streams that flow into Bean Creek just a very short distance upstream from the confluence with Zayante Creek. (If you happened to see the picture of Miley Cyrus in the waterfall, that was where the lower of these two streams meets Bean Creek, almost at the confluence with Zayante Creek.) Of course none of the creeks or rivers are big enough for the Loch Ness Monster.


  2. Now that our rivers are unpolluted, they are a lot more full of people on kayaks, swimming, fishing, and just hanging on. If I were younger, I’d love a dip in the water, but I’m WAY too old now. I’m even too old for kayaking, but I suppose I could fish. Except I don’t like trout.

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    • I never realised how much our river was populated in summer. I think it is mainly people that have no opportunity at home to enjoy the summer outside. Also our local pools are not cheap and the river costs nothing


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