RDP Saturday: Taxi


And so I feverishly searched in my archives for the photo of a taxi, but found none, and I have travelled by taxi in Switzerland and GB but never thought of taking a photo of the taxi. I avoid taxis when possible because they are expensive. If there is a train or bus I get there also eventually.

My last taxi journey was a week ago when I had to get to the eye doctor. I was forbidden to use my car because I would have eye drops and they would distort my vision for a few hours. I would have needed an hour to get to the doc by local train. The train would be fast enough, but afterwards I would have to walk from one side of the main station to the other to get to where I had to go, through the foot tunnel. And performing that task with a walker needed time and so I ordered a taxi. He was a friendly taxi driver and got me there in time and was very helpful with my walker. After the visit to the doc I travelled home by local railway and tried the foot tunnel with the walker. I was no longer in a hurry and it worked very well and was a lot cheaper. The worst part was the local train afterwards to get home, which was quite shaky to say the least. The five minute walk from the local station to home was also laborious.

This afternoon I took a wheelie into town with my chair and on the way home what did I see? Yes, a taxi, waiting in the middle of the road. I managed to get a photo, although from a distance as I did not want to annoy the driver. However he had disappeared into one of the appartments to fetch his passenger. As I wheeled past he was helping a handicapped golden oldie (like me but even more golden and oldie) into his taxi.

We have many various taxi companies in our little market town and you have a choice when you need a taxi. You recognise the taxis by the sign they have fixed to the car.

RDP Saturday: Taxi

11 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Taxi

    • Good point. I once rode in a stretch limo in New York from the hotel to the airport. We had enough dollars left, it was the last day and so we decided on a taxi to the airport and as there was a choice of a stretch limo I decided once in my life I wanted to travel in one.

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  1. How I understand you!. I have a long experience of moving around with a walker, and I have found always very uncomfortable and difficult to take the bus. There is no place for the walker even if it’s foldable. Sometimes, there are people who won’t let you occupy the places for handicapped persons. Many times, for me, instead to start an argument, the best solution has been sit in the walker itself in the space reserved to the people who is standing. But That is pretty shaky and a little dangerous.

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    • Luckily we have enough room in the local train to keep the walker unfolded and I can hold onto it when travelling, but the train tends to take the corners and throw me a little off balance, even when I am seated. People here are very considerate and helpful and luckily I only have a relatively short journey in the local train. I have absolutely given up with normal transport.

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  2. I use taxis more than I used to when traveling. It’s easier when you have luggage or there is no direct public transport to where you want to go but it is expensive. Locally there is a taxi service based in Huonville but you have to book it in advance and it’s quite expensive so I have never used it. Getting a taxi from Hobart back to Geeveston would cost more than $100 so that is out of the question.

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