Good Morning


Its all a blue sky this morning, so I though I would start the day with a photo of my roses. I have to be quick at the moment because of our almost tropic weather. As soon as the flowers appear they begin to dry out in the sun and wilt. Yesterday I had to remove some burnt leaves from my sage plant and now I cover it up during the day. Every year we have our heat wave in the Swiss summer, but I do not remember one with such intense heat from the sun as this year. Some plants love it, but others tend to suffer from the heat.


This is my other rose bush and a different sort of rose. It is also more in the shade at the side of the garden.


And I discovered that this one began to show a flower this morning. It was one of my gardener’s surprises that she planted when renewing my garden. We call it a “Königskerze” meaning King’s candle, but I believe the english name is Mullein, which I have never heard before. It is now only the first flower, but when all the buds open I am sure it will be one of the stars in the garden.

So what am I doing in this hot weather? During the morning I deal with household chores as the sun is not yet so intense. After lunch I have my daily midday sleep and afterwards I find a nice cool place to be in the afternoon, which is not longer so available. I used to sit out on the porch with my computer when at home, but this is now a hot air vacuum. In the back room it is better, the sun is on the other side of the apartment and I can even sit with the windows open to the front garden, although Mr. Swiss complains that I am letting the hot air in. I find it a little refreshing with open windows.

Yesterday I had a shopping trip in the afternoon and Mr. Swiss decided he wanted to come as well. No problem, it is a long while since he went anywhere except for the doctors. Luckily our supermarket is air conditioned and the car also has its own climate conditioner, although we were both glad to get home again. Today it is an afternoon at home, I have no longing to go anywhere in my wheelchair in this heat. I am hoping to be able to get out on Saturday afternoon as our local town will be having its annual market festival and there will be market stalls everywhere, music and other amusements.

At the moment we are again surrounded by noise outside as they are clearing away the cut down remains of our wild meadow and trimming the stubs of growth left in the ground.

And I am now off, it is the day of fresh bed linen again – those days come far to quickly for my taste. I have already recovered my duvet an cushion, now to Mr. Swiss bed and afterwards turn the mattresses and put on the clean fitted sheets and clean under the beds. I will now go and wish you all a good day wherever you are.


19 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Poor roses, they generally tolerate a dry climate well but extreme heat is not so good for them. Your second photo is a really lovely flower, probably my favourite colour in the rose palette. Most of mine are now finished although a couple of them are still showing buds that won’t open because it is too cold now, below zero every morning this week. I will be starting the annual war of the roses next month when I prune my six tall bushes while they, in turn, try to attack me with their thorns.

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    • This must be really strange to have such cold winter weather while the rest of the world is suffering from a heat wave far too early and wahayyyyy too intense!

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      • Not to me because I’ve lived in Australia for over 50 years so it feels normal to me. The southern hemisphere is all in winter although the tropical regions of Australia are still warm or even hot. You are certainly getting hotter summers in Europe than I experienced as a young child in England. I don’t ever remember going out and my mother not bringing a cardigan for each of us in case it turned cool.

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  2. Mullin FLOWER will turn a nice brown. It is used for dry arrangements. Most considered it weed as it will spread. I have seen large fields of it.
    It is on the cool side this morning with clear skies and a light wind.

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    • I wouldn’t mind this one spreading, although I very much doubt it My neighbour had one and it was very impressive. Nothing cool here just hot but now and again a small warm breeze

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      • You probably don’t have a pollinator for the flower. Animal won’t eat it. Animals won’t eat and will take over a pasture.
        I am curious about it.I guess I will do a Google search for it.

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  3. Good Morning.
    That is nice color for the rose. The roses that I work with were here when I got here, so I did not select any of the colors. At home, I just had four of my favorites. I do like growing them, but not so much in my own garden.

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