RDP Wednesday: Flair


This afternoon it was again a journey to the Swiss Supermarket in the Mall. For some time they have had various tables available for the kids to draw and paint. Lately I heard some quite jazzy music playing in the area so took a closer look. Two employees of the supermarket (right and left at the front) were dancing in time to the music and they were quite good with their co-ordination. There were two kids standing in front and copying their actions. I am not sure if they had a flair, but I found it a good idea to keep the kids busy whilst the parents are concentrating on the shopping.

I decided to take a photo and the young lady on the left at the front seemed to be in charge and asked if I would like to participate with the dancing. Actually, if it had been 10-15 years earlier, I would have joined in – why not. Dancing with a stick in your hand and belonging to the ministry of funny walks is not so ideal today, so I politely said no and told the young lady she was a few years too late with her invitation.

My only flairs today are managing to survive the day without having an accident on the way. They call it survival I believe.

RDP Wednesday: Flair

5 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Flair

  1. I too am a VERY careful walker. I live in dread of falling because if I get hurt, they will try to make me have daily visits from the “safety people” who run my insurance package. And I really don’t want that.

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