Good Morning


We had thick grey clouds yesterday evening and now it is raining. No problem, it does the garden good to have some fresh water now and again. Today is again a holiday in the catholic areas of Switzerland for Corpus Christi whatever that is. All the stores are closed which does not bother me. It is only one day and I rarely go shopping on Thursday. I remember in the olden days when I was a working woman and we enjoyed a day off now and again. I would often take the Friday off as well to make a nice long week-end.

Although our Kanton is closed today others have a normal day. Mr. Swiss has at last organised a walker for himself and they will bring it today. It will be much easier for his mobility. He has a wheelchair, but it takes up room in the apartment and he rarely uses it. Although it is a holiday, the chair will be delivered from the Kanton next to ours, Kanton Bern, as they are not closed down.


I might take a wheelie this afternoon if it stops raining. It has cooled down a little, but I am glad. Going on a wheelie in the hot sun is not very comfortable. Yesterday was a day of shopping so we are set up for food. My next door neighbour is planning his garden and loves to plant herbs. He asked me yesterday if I would mind if he planted a pumpkin next to the corner of my garden. I told him to go ahead, a pumpkin is always a good subject for a photo.


My raised beds are exploding at the moment and the carnations are now flowering. I noticed a slug this morning outside. I am keeping an eye on them, but  luckily they are not such good climbers and only one has reached the top of the raised bed up to now.


My apples are now developing on my tree and looking good.

Otherwise no big developments on this side of the pond. Britain is getting excited about voting for a new prime minister, although it is not a people vote that decides, but a parliamentary one. There was a TV presentation of the candidates have a talk, the main theme being Brexit. At the moment it seems that Boris Johnson is the favourite with most votes in his favour and the only one with a clear concept of leaving the EU. I don’t mind Boris actually. He has some amusing ideas now and again, but he has had a life in journalism and can even speak a few foreign languages, which is more than can be said for most. Donald Trump seems to like him, but I find that more negative than positive.

So enough of politics, everyone to their own opinion. We do not have such problems in Switzerland as every year we get a new president, chosen from one of our 7 ministers. I even have problems keeping up with who the new president is.

And now to deal with daily chores. I do not know when the guy is arriving with the walker for Mr. Swiss, but I hope not to early and that I have managed to shower and dress in normal daily clothes.

I expect to be around again some time today, so enjoy the day. See you later.


7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Those carnations are pretty sweet. They used to be a common cut flower crop on the coast here, and probably still are. I missed you post from yesterday, so will need to backtrack . . . . . tomorrow. It is midnight now. Good Morning.

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    • This year everything is growing well. Perhaps the climate is right. I now have two raised beds planted by the gardener, and everything is growing bigger and better than it ever did before.

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  2. It really is almost like a jungle here from all the rain and yes, it’s raining here, too. They promised us nice weather, but they lied. Our flowers are a bit delayed. No sun, no daylilies, no roses. Just wet.

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