Good Morning


What have we got this morning? A very nice whispy cloud formation which will probably disappear as the day grows on. It looks like it will be a another wonderful sunny day today, although I have shopping to do this afternoon and the sun does not shine in the supermarket.

Yesterday I was otherwise occupied with my eye examination at the eye doc. They were all concerned about my eyes, only I was not. I was sure all I needed was a new pair of glasses, which I now have and see enough for my 73 years. Sometimes it is better when you do not see everything. It seems that my right eye is more or less OK, but the left eye has now only 80%, although I do not really notice this. The result being that I should return in a year to see how it is all progressing. It is all down to becoming a golden oldie. It has nothing to do with my MS or my diabetes, just the advancing years. In the olden days there was nothing you can do about it, but today you can have a new lens inserted into the eye after a short operation. Mr Swiss will be having this done in a couple of weeks for one eye, and a couple of weeks later for the other eye.

I discovered that having drops put into my eyes to dilate the pupils was not so pleasant, it stung, although I did get very sexy eyes afterwards, but I failed to appreciate it. Another problem afterwards was not so much having a slightly blurred vision but the sunlight because my pupils were so wide.


The only photo I managed was a scene of the main road opposite the station while I was waiting for the local train to take me home. The train had a delay. It seems that the Tour de Suisse, our international bike race, was passing through our town and the traffic had been stopped. I was a little disappointed as about 10 years ago, the last time they came through Solothurn, I was standing at the roadside in the village taking photos. This time I missed all the fun due to my eye examination.


To compensate, here is one of my photos from 10 years ago, quite an occasion.

I eventually arrived home after a bumpy ride with my walker on the local road train, but it was only a short distance. The worst part was walking from the local station to home. I am not used to going such longer distances with my legs.

I was glad to get it all behind me and relax at home.


This morning I descovered yet a new arrival on my raised bed in the garden. I have watched this plant growing since beginning of the year and it sees that are a sort of miniature sunflower.


I have had this rose bush for many years and it has never failed to show a few roses, but this year it is full of buds. The gardener replanted it in another place when she refurbished the garden and it seems it is enjoying its new situation.

I also now have to find a new place as I have finished my breakfast and cannot sit at the table all morning with my computer unfortunately. I am now on my way to the bathroom and shower. Have fun if possible and make the most of your day. See you later.


14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. A beautiful day once more! Angloswiss, is your first name Pat? If so it will go a long way toward solving the mystery of the vanishing “Pat” comment on my Mystery plant post… xo J

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  2. We will probably have more pouring rain tomorrow, but maybe they are wrong. I really want them to be wrong. I love your lovely blue sky and wispy clouds. Also, I need the deck to dry out so we can paint it and get one project finished!

    I can’t believe I spent the ENTIRE day cleaning. This is the amount I used to get done in just a couple of hours when I could work a little faster … and have Creedence Clearwater Revival pounding in the background. I used to be very proud that I could clean almost an entire (much larger) house in a few hours. Who knew how times would change?

    I’ve got that same eye exam coming up in two weeks. I can barely see in very bright light now, so that should be a thrill!

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    • We have had sunny days but yesterday evening I was sitting out on the porch and we had thick grey clouds everywhere. It is now early morning, hugging the bed and writing on my IPad and I can hear raindrops.
      I have a daily cleaning routine and don’t mind. It keeps me moving. I do extras like cleaning the doors and windows on Monday and Tuesday and the then have a clear run through for the rest of the week. I suppose we are lucky to have a modern apartment, easy to clean.
      Mr. Swiss has at last organised himself a walker which will be delivered today. His walking abilities are not so good, he still says he will not use it outside, but we will see. He will be 80 in October and very restricted in movement. So am I but I have my own system. Good luck with the eye examination and hope all goes well.


  3. I noticed those Cosmos sulphureus in another picture earlier. I do not remember if it was a few days ago, or the on from yesterday morning (which is after this one). I am not certain that they are Cosmos sulphureus, because I have not seen them in so many years, and those that I think are Cosmos sulphures have been assigned a new name as some sort of Coreopsis. Botanists make simple nomenclature so confusing.
    Good afternoon. I am a bit behind, and will likely get more behind today. Something unexpected came up yesterday.

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    • To be quite honest, I have no genuine idea. What I don’t know I get from books or an app, and even they can be confusing. I only know my gardener planted them and they are growing well.
      I also have a fight with time to fit everything in and I do not even work, just a professional golden oldie.

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      • It is not necessary to know what it is to appreciate it.
        I only recently learned that my very first bearded iris is actually an Iris pallida, which is a similar, but distinct species.

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