RDP Monday: Breeze


Today there was a breeze
Curtain stripes swaying to the motion
A rhythmic back and forth
At least that was the notion
In Britain all windows opened
Mum said it was fresh air
But now I am in Switzerland
And they have a different care
Fresh air becomes a draft
You could catch a very bad cold
Running nose and coughing
So I have been told
Close up all the windows
A breeze becomes a threat
Is what the Swiss have told me
I do not believe them yet
Temperatures are high
Sweat pouring from my brow
Mum said it is fresh air
The British show us how

RDP Monday: Breeze

8 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Breeze

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  2. I’m imagining that the breezes off of the mountain can get cool, but on a hot day that’s exactly why the mountains are a blessing. It works that way here with Lake Michigan also. I’m glad you don’t subscribe to the Swiss Way in this regard.


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