RDP Sunday: Rabbit

Long eared rabit in pet shop

We have wild rabbits where I live, but because they are wild you very rarely see them. I think they spend most of the time underground. The rabbit in the photo was in the local animal store, but I decided that was the best place for him.

I once had a rabbit, but that got a little complicated. My kids wanted a rabbit and someone I knew had a dwarf rabbit and passed it on to me. My kids were delighted, and ย we had a cage for it. I felt sorry for this little rabbit all alone in its cage so I decided to let it out for a walk in the apartment. This was a mistake. The rabbit was happy, it was hopping all over the place.

Do you realise what a rabbit has for a recycling system: little round balls, something like ball bearings, and because they are small they appear like the product of a machine gun. I was finding them everywhere. Admittedly they were hard, not soft and messy (unless you happened to tread on one by mistake), but they were everywhere. Its recycling production was something for the Guiness Book of Records. And of course the kids were not interested in following Brer Rabbit to sweep them togetether. Who said miniature rabbit, there was nothing small about its digestive system.

And then I got lucky. I was attending an evening course for sewing and I got into a conversation about pets. One of the ladies said she would love a pet rabbit. A week later my wonderful reproductive recycling rabbit machine was on its way to a new owner and our carpet was no longer covered with little brown pellets.

So warning! Think twice before you decided to have a sweet little bunny rabbit as a pet. They do not have trays like cats and you cannot go for walkies with them like dogs. They just drop it everywhere, about 1-200 little balls daily. At least that is what it seemed to me.

RDP Sunday: Rabbit

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