RDP Saturday: Night

Cathedral, Rochester, Nightview

A night view of Rochester cathedral in England on one of my nightly excursions.

The ideal photo for a night view would be the local vampire taking a flight, but as we all know vampires are basically shy creatures and these days they can do self service at the local blood bank. Why cause a commotion attacking people to get your blood supply when you can do it with discretion, but back to the subject, the street is not crowded with vampires at night.

To move on here we have a photo of my model cat in the front garden.

Night 09.10 (1)

Unfortunately you can only see his eyes that light up at night using some sort of solar cells. As it is a black cat, his body remains invisible. It does have the advantage of scaring unwanted visitors away on their nocturnal wanderings – vampires again?

Road to Bellach via Solothurn (18)

Tunnels even have night during the day, not so vampire safe as they like to take refuge in tunnels if they do not get back to their coffins in time after a night out.

Solothurn by night

And this is what happens if you are taking a night photo of the town and see a vampire, you are nervous and the camera shakes with you. Remember to take a tripod the next time.

Solothurn by night - View towards South

And here the perfect night photo. No vampires to be seen – too many illuminations, and taken from a balcony.

Road to Langendorf 01.12 (45)

And now time to go home as the night is arriving, away from the vampire threat.

RDP Saturday: Night

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