Fandango’s Provocative Question #27:

If you could choose one — and only one — particular malady, condition, or disease for which a safe and effective treatment was available, what one condition would you choose to treat and why is that your choice


I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 30 years ago, but have it under control. Keep to a good diet, and it might or might not work.

That was one problem, but about 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and that is something else. It is very likely that I had been dragging it around for at least  30 years, but with increasing accidents for no apparent reason it was decided by my doc to have a thorough examination. I always had balance problems, but it was wrongly said I had problems with the ears. They did a spinal tap, various eye tests and about 3 scans: one body scan, one brain scan and a third on the lungs as often MS can be confused with a lung disease. The case was clear with the results, it was MS. There is no cure for MS. There are various medicines available and I am now on something called Betaforen which slows down the symptoms.

What are my symptoms: fatigue, although under control is the main one. My legs no longer do the job so well, and after falling and breaking my left fibula just over a year ago, I can no longer lift my left foot. When I get into my car I have to physically lift my left leg to put it into the car. We all grow old. I did not expect that old means no longer able to do what you used to do. All you plans of holidays, retirement, having fun are replaced with annual check ups, and waiting to see what happens next. I take it as it comes, I cannot influence anything, and there is no cure for MS, although research is being made. I have developed a very intersting walk, something like the Monty Python feature about the Ministry for funny walks.

My method to overcome this problem is to keep your eyes open and take what you can to improve it. I was in the lucky situation of having enough money to buy myself an electric wheelchair for transport. I have my own car to ensure my mobility, My neurologist persuaded me not to give up driving and I am glad. In the meanwhile my husband, 8 years older than me, will be 80 years old this year and is also no longer as mobilie as he was. He has a back problem, and in spite of my MS I am the one that everyone depends on in the family. Mr. Angloswiss no longer drives the car. I am still able to do the housework, although I now also have a cleaning lady for bathroom, shower and kitchen because I can no longer risk climbing ladders and reaching the awkward places.

Otherwise I just keep going. I am perhaps one of the lucky ones that still has everything under control. I have even become a half profi nurse with my mix injections which I always do myself. I have good treatment in Switzerland, a good neurologist and a nurse who organises my injection material. I am expecting a delivery tomorrow which will be enough for the next three months. I organised myself a fridge which I keep in the basement in my laundry room and my delivery arrives by special post delivery in cool boxes. I unpack them and give them to the postman to return them. Everything under control. At home I can still move around with my walker, or stick, even unaided although I must be very careful. If I fall I have to call for the ambulance men to pick me up again because there is no-one at home that can do it.

And that’s that. And please one day let their be a cure for MS.

Fandango’s Provocative Question #27:

7 thoughts on “Fandango’s Provocative Question #27:

  1. There are so many things that need curing and so many of them are incurable and essentially will last as long as you do. As we get older, we seem to collect them. At least none of my teeth needed repair. I actually made it to the dentist today, finally. So I think we sure cure aging. If we cure aging, so many other problems disappear with it.

    I must be having a good day today. I was able to walk up the stairs on my own today, which is the first time in a couple of weeks.

    I just want to be able to do a few of the things I used to do!

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    • I too have my good days and not so good days. I can walk up stairs, but have to hold onto something. Personally I find that if I do not give up and continue as always (with restrictions of course) it helps. And I now have a grabber. I am always dropping things, but now the grabber grabs it all for me. What a wonderful invention.


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