Good Morning


We have blue skies again, although I have learned not to trust it. It could easily be that at midday there will be clouds and rain. My little garden seems to be enjoying it and so are the woodlice. They have made themselves at home on my raised beds, although they leave my plants alone. The seem to be enjoying the damp weather we have. Admittedly they are not pretty with their little armoured bodies, but where I used to have a slug infection the woodlice have taken over. Sligs devour everything with their near 200 teeth. I did a quick information check on them in Internet about woodlice and they just like damp places. They are rarely a danger to plants and I can safely leave them to do their own thing, although they resemble an army with their armour on ready to attack. I will try to get a few photos, but it seems they are still sleeping at the moment. Even the bees have not arrived yet. The flowers they like are closed and I only saw one bee hoping to have it all to himself buzzing around.


Although the sedum is ready and waiting, still a little wet from the night rain, I must say the gardener did a good job. She planted sedum here and there and it makes a wonderful yellow bed. There is also a type with red flowers, but they are not yet open.


My thymian is showing its flowers, although I am still adding it to various dishes. It is so much easier to keep under observation on the raised bed and to use it.

I am afraid I have nothing new to show at the moment as I have been housebound due to the rain. Today is again day of fresh bed linen but I now have the routine and everything under control.


I noticed in the store yesterday that the summer fruits are now being sold at normal prices. I already baked an apricot tart last week and now the nectarines are on a special offer. Actually I am not a great fruit eater, but I they are quite good for keeping the sugar household in order in the body I heard. I am diabetic, Type 2 with tablets, so I suppose every little helps. Yesterday they were still hard, fresh from the store, but this morning they are becoming more edible. I really do not want to have to inject insulin. I am not sure if I still have space due to my injections for MS every second day, and that is not a pen.

No shopping today and I am really hoping to get out a little bit this afternoon to see what the world is doing. And now to doing something useful, like having a tidy up in the apartment. I am becoming a super housewife it seems, but I just cannot sit around and do nothing.  When I had to work it was annoying, now that it is a free choice I like doing it. Have a good day and make the most of it, even if it is not so good. Hope to see you around later.


I leave you with a mystery photo: my indoor plants, now outside on the porch, and a shadow of the photographer.

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It’s a full rainy day today and the bird feeders are empty. Last night, I think every squirrel in the woods hit it and we aren’t going to refill it. I only left it up for the birds and they never get a chance to use it. Anyway, the woods — from all this rain maybe? — is wildly overgrown. There’s plenty of food out there for all the wild creatures, so they’ll have to cope while this restaurant closes for the summer. We have to deal with cleaning and waterproofing the deck. They’ll get the restaurant in November when the weather turns colder.

    Also, there are bears roaming the woods now and we’ve been told to take down those feeders. Apparently, the bears love bird seed too. Maybe I should try it. Everything else seems to love it!

    We should get our blue skies tomorrow. We seem to be swapping weather days. Can it really be moving from New England to Switzerland overnight? That’s a long trip, even for a speedy cloud!

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    • I am surrounded by bird song but very rarely see them. At the moment they are busy feeding the kids. Since we had the garden refurbished and the lawn removed, we no longer get such a variety of birds visiting as there are not worms in the supermarket. We have foxes but not on our estate, they are more in the forests around the local castle. I think bears eat everything, even humans can be on their menu plan. Now and again a bear wanders into Switzerland in the Eastern mountainous part from East Europe via Austria, but not very many. Our days are also changing daily. Today it was a sunny one. I am sure it will rain again tomorrow.


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