Good Morning


I am here, although a little later. My cleaning lady is busy caring for my shower, bathroom and kitchen, but will soon be finished. I am so glad to have her. When she leaves I have a perfect apartment. In the meanwhile I cleaned the windows on one side of the flat, although they were not really dirty, just a freshen-up. We had a lot of rain this week, but now and agains some sun and it did not affect the windows so much. At the moment no rain, but looking very grey. Actually Switzerland is having a rain problem at the moment, because there is too much of it and the rivers in certain parts, mainly the mountain areas and in the South in the Ticino (Italian part), are threatening to burst their banks. We live higher in our estate, so no problem, the Aare flows below.


I have not been out very much, due to the weather. Yesterday it was the visit of No. 2 son and family. Actually it was a sort of last minute thing as at first they were coming in the afternoon, but decided to arrive in the morning. I had not really catered for the feeding of the five thousand, just the three of us, but we women are very versatile. With a few more sausages and raiding the cupboard I managed to feed everyone. I had made a Swiss apricot tart before they arrived which went down well with everyone. Apricots grow in Switzerland, but it is just a little early at the moment for the Swiss varieties, but they were very good with just the right sweet touch.


I have a bit of a different routine this week, due to the Whit Monday holiday, but again everything under control. Dinner is cooking for today and this afternoon I will make a quick tour de shops for a few things for tomorrow lunch. I discovered I have quite a reserve of food which is good. Last Thursday I did go a little over the top with the shopping expense, but it carried me through to today. Thursday is usually spaghetti and I really need just a fresh salad to go with it as I decided on Spaghetti alla tonno (with tuna fish which I already have – the tinned variety). I also have a stock of cervelat (Swiss sausage to be eat cold or fried) and I will fry them tomorrow together with a Swiss Berner Rösti (Sliced potatoes fried with diced bacon) – see photo of one of my earlier creations.

Cooked Rösti

Yes life is getting back to normal. The next holiday will be corpus christi, but that is a Thursday, and on Thursdays I never have anything planned, except perhaps for a wheelie in my chair, weather permitting.

And now the kitchen is calling. I have some pasta to cook and fennel, The meat is on its way. Yes the life of a housewife is full of movement, but it keeps me young. Mr. Swiss prepared the fennel for me, together we are strong

Have a good day, may the weather be with you.


5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Well, I think we are having stage one of the floods of Noah all over again and poor Garry has a speaking engagement and we can’t find an umbrella. I had one, but it seems to have vanished and I have no idea when it disappeared or who borrowed it … but it’s gone.

    I’m amazed OUR rivers haven’t overflowed yet. We’ve had SO much rain, it’s ridiculous. But we also have a pretty good control system for all the dams which were built when the dams were built in the early 1900s and amazingly, still work. Depending on the weather, they open and close them … and I think now, many of them run automatically. Even with all the controls, this is a LOT of rain!

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    • It seems to be quite international at the moment. Britain is also having a hard time an there are floods everywhere. Last night I could hear the rain almost all night. Every time I awoke it was still raining. Now it has stopped for a change.


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