RDP Monday: Balm

Balmberg 16.03 (11)

In Switzerland we have everything
Even a village called Balm
It is halfway up a mountain
And today is very calm

Balm and Günsberg

There is a castle in the hang
Almost crumbled away
But now is under national protection
And so is here to stay

In the olden days there might be a fight
Today said it was a cave dwelling
I do not know who lived there
Had certainly no bricks for selling


The view from the top looked over the land
You could see as far as Bern
Invading armies had no chance
They were seen and had to turn

If you want to know more
I can give you a leading wink
Just click on the following words
It is a computer link
Balm Ruins

RDP Monday: Balm

4 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Balm

  1. That castle — and its lord — were originally in Savior before I knew about my own family and their ironic history. I had Rudolf living at Schloss Grenchen and his fiancee at castle Balmberg. It was really fascinating researching these places as they are thought to have been in the 13th century. There’s a castle/fortress like Balmberg in Slovenia that’s very well preserved. Not a bad idea for a fort. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Predjama_Castle

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    • Unfortunately there is not very much left of the castle today. Mr. Swiss once took me there for a photo excursion. He grew up in a village called Niederwil which is very near to Balm so knows the area very well.


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