Good Morning


Computers are wonderful toys, We can even play with the time. Although you will be reading this tomorrow morning my time, I am writing 12 hours earlier in the early evening. Tomorrow morning son No. 2 with family (wife and son) will be arriving and I will have no time for blogging. Although I have no idea how the weather will be, I just took a photo of the evening sky. It has been raining most of the day and still is and I do not think that very much will change until tomorrow. I have been at home all day, but that also has its advantages. A relaxation and rest without being constantly in movement is also not so bad. I do not often do this time shifting thing on the computer, but we bloggers learn all sorts of things.


I do not think that very much will change until tomorrow morning. My calla was in the cellar all Winter. I put it in the garden some time beginning April and it was looking very sad: just a pot of dry earth. However, I began to give it water, and now it has time to get used to the great outdoors, and since a week it began to show me that it is still alive and ready to go for the approximately 15th year since I have had it.


I even discovered that one of my roses that I have had for many years is also remembering to flower again, although a little wet at the moment. At least I do not have to spray the garden this evening.

I am not sure if and when I will be around today (actually tomorrow). Tomorrow (today)  is Whit Monday and we have a day’s holiday in Switzerland. I wish everyone a good day tomorrow, or today or whatever. And to give you something to look at, Google photos composed a little video of some of my photos from yesterday – see below. They even have some music to go with it – not my taste, but you cannot have everything. Life does get a little confusing sometimes with yesterdays, todays and tomorrows when you can just shift it around on a computer. Anyhow have a good day today (or is it tomorrow) even if it is Monday, or perhaps you also have a holiday. See you around.


13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Monday evening in my part of the world and it has been a holiday for us too, the Queen’s (official) birthday. At least two of my co-workers at the Op Shop forgot this Monday would be a holiday, winter public holidays are not so eagerly anticipated but no matter, the shops were open for those that wanted to go. It was overcast and drizzly and none too warm so I stayed home baked lasagna and some banana bread and took doll photos.

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    • Itvwas a lovely morning with my son and his family. Lovely to see how my grandson is growing. And now for a peaceful remainder of the day. We had some rain, but now and again the sun arrived. I will now be seeing what the computer has to offer

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    • It was wonderful to see them. Switzerland is a small country but they are about 2 hours drive from where we live. It is google themself that do the films now and again as an extra.

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