FOWC with Fandango: Gap

London Underground

So where is that elusive gap? I grew up in London and my main source of transport was the London Underground, the Subway. The famous gap appeared some time after I left London 50 years ago. I would return once a year to visit mum and dad, later just dad, and was still travelling with public transport.

It was then that I heard the famous last words whilst boarding the subway train “Mind the Gap, Mind the Gap”. In my younger years as a Brit there was no gap, we stepped from the platform to the train with no threatening thoughts about a gap wanting to attack, or eevour us and now “Mind the Gap”. Was the subway littered with corpses of those passengers that did not mind the gap. Was this a secret enemy to bring revenge on those that ignored this gap.

I am one of the survivors. I never saw the gap, it left me alone. It was something for the tourists, for those that did not possess the British streak. I was safe, I never minded the gap, never saw the gap, but this gap was out to get those that showed no respect for London Transport.

Yes I am a Londoner and I survived the gap.

FOWC with Fandango: Gap

7 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Gap

  1. Now I’m trying to remember if there was a Gap in the New York subways which on which I traveled constantly when I lived there — which was until I was 29. It was hard to tell, frankly. Everyone was shoving and pushing so if there WAS a gap, you wouldn’t notice because the hundreds of sweaty people behind you moved you right along. Who could even SEE the floor?

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  2. I remember hearing that announcement on the Underground. I’ve travelled on subway systems in other countries and when I hear an announcement in another language I often wonder if they too are saying “Mind the Gap.”

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  3. Oh we have that call too in the Parisian public transports! And the gap is huge…. much larger than I remember the ones in England. I always loved hearing that message, can’t say why… it must have appealed to my ‘musical ear and weird sense of humour’! I probably, as you wrote, had a passing picture in my head of The Gap swallowing up passengers if they didn’t pay attention.

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