10 thoughts on “FOTD June 9 2019: Borage

  1. Your “Borage” looks REMARKABLY like my “Mayflower.” For all I know, it’s the same flower brought over from somewhere in Europe by immigrants. They brought us swans and daylilies which grow wild everywhere now. Regretfully, they also brought us a lethal bat virus from which our bats have barely recovered and it’s now about five years later. And of course, WE brought over the hideous Gypsy Moth Caterpillars.

    Ellin and I shared a moment re Gypsy Moth caterpillars. Apparently the GMCs hit her area too in the 1980s (when they hit here, too — actually they devoured ALL of New England those years) and she said for two years in a row, the trees looked like it was mid-winter during June and July. The horrible sound of those little monsters eating the trees makes me shudder. That one is on us because WE brought them here. Some idiot scientist thought they could make silk (no, they can’t). They escaped the lab in 1876 and have been decimating our hardwood and pine forests ever since.

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    • Borage is also a herb and the leaves are edible, with a taste similar to cucumber. I keep my eyes open for the gypsy moths but have seen none up to now.


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