9 thoughts on “FOTD 7th June 2019: Gazania

  1. I would say yes. In our old garden in South Australia, they were about the only thing that would grow because the soil was poor, rocky and full of limestone. These flowers grew wild in our garden and also down at the beach where there was a rocky slope that used to be covered in them. They come in a lot of colours, mostly yellow, orange and gold but also some mauve ones which were a nice change. Some selfish people eventually pulled out many of the ones at the beach to take home and they never grew back completely.

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  2. Yes, gazania. They seem to be the clumping types, which bloom with prettier flowers. The trailing types with simpler flowers are grown as ground cover. Some of the trailing types have gray foliage.

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      • Yes. When I was a kid, my mother’s next door neighbor planted a ground cover type with silvery foliage in the ‘landing pad’ between the sidewalk and curb, and the two driveways. It was where I put the trash out every week. I could put cans and bags right on the ground cover as if it were turf grass, and it did not mind. The neighbor trimmed it around the edges and plugged the pieces back into the bald spots.

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