RDP Thursday: Nurture


Go and nurture the garden
And that is what I do
Everyone is astounded
When hosta leaves break through
I bought a  bottle of fertiliser
It was a special offer
Dr. Crippens special mixture
It was delivered in a coffer
I had to sign a document
In my very own name
It stated that for any accidents
Dr. Crippen would not be to blame
Since the plant began to grow
Two gardeners and a dog disappear
They left no trace of where they had gone
And now I began to fear
People come from far around
To admire my expanding leaves
And now two women have disappeared
They were stealing hosta sheaves
The more that went, the bigger they grew
This is not the end of my moan
The problem came when the hostas flowered
And in the middle of each was a finger bone
It was the screams that attracted the police
Knocking at my door did not fail
That is the reason why I am writing this piece
Behind the bars in a jail
And where was Dr. Crippen
He was hung in nineteen ten
They said he had killed his wife
And he had Hostas in his den

RDP Thursday: Nurture

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