Good Morning


I even felt a few spots of rain this morning outside and the clear blue skies and sun beating down is taking a rest. I am not sad, now and again it should cool down. Our Jura mountains have a cloud ridge at the top.

Today was paper and cardboard collection day in our village. We got the message at the beginning of the week and yesterday we were busy (Mr. Swiss and No.1 son) bundling the newspapers with string and organising the cardboard boxes into flat objects and placing them outside with the rest from the neighbours. I already heard the trucks collecting it a few minutes ago. There is also the distant noise of a saw, it is now time to have the first hedge trim of the year. Our gardener attacked our hedges earlier this week.


Things seem to be happening in my garden and I have never had such a wonderful show of iris flowers. They have been in the garden almost 20 years and have made themselves at home. It is a first time that I have captured their colour so well. Usually they look a bit pale on my photos, but today is good light and the sun is not in the way. It is not really a professional photo, but just done with my phone camera.

Yesterday I was off again to the store. We had a problem with our Dyson vacuum cleaner and I thought it was going to the happy vacuum cleaner hunting grounds, but it seems it was just a problem on my side. I should really clean that filter now and again. Otherwise it was quite a dead day yesterday in the supermarket and almost no people. That was probably because today they are offering 5x points on your purchases which results in money benefits at the end of the month. I will definitely not be going today, probably too many customers for my liking. Monday the stores are closed for Whitsun Monday. I will be doing my bigger shopping on Friday. I am glad that the store were not offering their benefits on Friday as that would be a real shopping stampede. No. 2 son and wife and grandson will be visiting next Monday which I am looking forward to.


I treated myself to a special hibiscus yesterday in the store. They are not the sort that would survive in the garden, and are sold in pots. I will try to keep this one when it has finished flowering and remove it to the appartment. During the summer it will be living outside on the porch. The cat next to it is actually my night light. When it gets dark its eyes light up. I do not know how it works, but it has no battery.

I have decided to have a relaxing day at home today with no wheelies anywhere. I have a few bits and pieces to deal with at home. I also noticed this morning, when I put some garbage in the bin in the kitchen, that a spider has decided to build his home in the bin as I saw him scuttling away when the lid lifted itself. It is big enough to be seen, but disappeared under the kitchen refuse. I am sure he is now in dreamland with such wonderful surroundings and a constant food supply of garbage. If I get the opportunity I will free him of his prison  and put him outside in the garden where he belongs.


I took enough photos on my last visit to town. This is our local museum, although more an art gallery for various Swiss artists. I have not been inside for a couple of years, although it would be interesting. I would have to request  that they give me admission by their lift, as my wheelchair would have problems mounting the many steps.

And now to move on with the daily routine. I will be back some time today. Keep safe and take it easy. How about a photo of our town cathedral. It is quite an object for photos, and I always see tourists standing in the main street (which is not really a street, just a wide pavement) taking photos as a memory of Solothurn. It is quite strange really to have a cathedral, and a large sized cathedral, standing at the beginning of the main street.



7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    It seems to me that those tropical hibiscus are more popular where they can not survive the winter than they are here, or in Los Angeles, where thy can grow quite large out in the garden.
    By the way, is that pine tree in the first picture nearly dead?

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