FOWC with Fandango: Dabble


I love to dabble. What else does a golden oldie do with here days of retirement, she dabbles. Of course when she is not cleaning the appartment or cooking, ironing or hanging up the washing, she dabbles. The aforementioned are also dabbles, but dabbling with things you have to do. The real dabbling begins when everything is done and you have a restless feeling and you know you must dabble again and they are actions you want to do.

I love dabbling with my camera – but blame Mr. Swiss. He once bought a new digital  camera and gave me the one he already had. Then it happened, I began to dabble in photography, just for fun. I am still doing it for fun, but have progressed to a DSLR camera with all the trimmings and various lens. Life is now just one big photo dabble. Even clouds have their interests.

And so I began to dabble in clouds, became a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society with badge and documents etc. If you do not now what to take a photo of, you can always have your head in the sky.

I also dabble in my garden, although no longer on my knees because I cannot stand again. I now have raised beds, much better for dabbling.

And blogging of course, although that is not so much a dabble as almost a full time job.


Not one of my best studio photos, but Mr. Swiss took it this afternoon as I was seated at the Apple computer in the kitchen.  I should have looked in the mirror before he took the photo. Mac computers are so handy because have enough independent power for many hours and I can just put it in my walker (next to me at the table), travel and blog where I want to.

And now I have to go and dabble with a few blogs and afterwards save today’s photos.

I wish everyone a happy dabbling.

FOWC with Fandango

6 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Dabble

  1. I love dabbling! It’s fun to try things out without commitment, though that’s difficult these days with classes and supplies being expensive for even one afternoon. Happy dabbles to you!

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  2. Dabbling is entertainment for an active mind. I love to dabble and have supplies for all kinds of dabbling distractions. Mr. Swiss is nice for taking your photo again 🙂

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  3. I never really ‘learned’ the word dabble in its first sense as per dictionary but rather in the way of the Urban Dictionary: to dabble; is to dip your toe into a specific subject. Not having much expierience whatsoever, but are not judged b/c you dabble..

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