RDP Wednesday: Exchange


Today I was ready to exchange my handy Dyson vacuum cleaner, the one that needs no cable for electricity because it has a self loader, because I was convinced it was kaput. I have had it for almost two years and the motor was constantly cutting off whilst using it. Being married to a Swiss, and almost becoming Swiss after 50 years of living here. I am organised. I have a neat little file named “Guarantees” and I found my guarantee document for my Dyson which still has three years validity. I decided to take it to the store where I bought it.

The young lady had a look at the top part and immediate removed a long object from the top of the vacuum cleaner and shook it, knocking it on the table. It began to rain dust and dirt and she said the vacuum cleaner was in perfect condition, I should just clear the filter now and again. I can even wash it under the running tap water and let it dry. In the meanwhile I had some shopping to do in the store and she said she would deal with it and I could pick it up when I was finished with the shopping.

I also have a second Dyson, an older model, in the cellar and now I am convinced that it is in full working order. Just a matter of emptying the filter.

There was no need for an exchange, my guarantee is still active. Sometimes being a golden oldie is not exactly ideal, you tend to forget the little things in life.

And someone returned our small shopping trolley I have parked next to the car in the underground garage. It disappeared about a month ago. Everyone owns one of here,  because they are handy for moving goods from the basement to your apartment. Ours even had our name on it. Today it was suddenly back in the garage. We have now put it in our cellar as we have a second one in the garage. I wonder where it was over the last month?

RDP Wednesday: Exchange

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