Good Morning


I manaaged to find some clouds yesterday afternoon when I went for a wheelie in my chair. This morning it is pure blue sky, birds singing in the background and everything flowering and coming up green. I should be happy with that but my problems with the heat are now beginning to show. I always enjoyed the Summer weather, getting a tan on the skin (I am one of the lucky ones that never have a sun burn) and generally outside in the fresh air. I read often about MS and the problems with the hot weather, and now I have them. They are not only physical, but also a little mental. I have no real energy and would prefer to lay in bed all day, or perhaps it is just something now and again.

The Winter suits me better. Even then I am in t-shirts indoors and short sleeves beneath my winter jacket. I am now having a stress situation getting everything done, probably because I am slowing down. Now at last I am stitting at the computer, eating breakfast and relaxing and I hope it stays that way. Mr. Swiss has gone back to bed so I can now indulge in some self sympathy.

Ducks 04.06 (3)

On my travels yesterday I saw this duck family along the river. It looks like mother and kids. I do not know what type of ducks these are, perhaps the Pekin ducks according to my computer information.

Swan 04.06.2019

I also noticed this swan, and near him was the wife. they now have their own private little pen. I saw this pair last week and a passing couple made the remark that they must be brooding, but not is such a good place near a public path. Now the town authorities have stepped in and gave them their own privacy net to hatch out the eggs in peace and quiet.

Gassen Solothur 094.06 (1)

I also did a quick visit into town. It was Tuesday afternoon, but quiet times. There were few prople on the streets,  and nothing really happening.

Stork 04.06 (2)

The only local action I saw was the stork perched on its nest on the chimney of our concert hall.

I eventually decided to wheel on home. The sun was beating down and I was also a little uncomfortable in the heat. I do not think I will be doing so many excursions during the summer months. It is getting a little too uncomfortable in the sun, at least no longer so much in town. I will probably keep more to the local paths.

Today I am off shopping again, which does not bother me so much. The shopping mall is air conditioned. Our smaller Dyson vacuum cleaner which has a charger, also seems to be suffering and I will take it along today. I still have the guarantee and the store takes care of the rest for repairs. If I am lucky they might give me a new one. That usually happens if my Philips electric toothbrush gives up the ghost, but I suppose a vacuum cleaner is a bigger problem.  I also have my big Dyson which has a lead and plug and that is working well.

And now to get on with the daily chores. My miserable mood seems to be a little better now. I hope you all have a good day or sleep well.

Knapweed 04.06 (1)

I saw these interesting so-called wild flowers on my trip yesterday. I found them quite pretty and so had a search on my plantsnap app. They said they are known as knapweed and there are many sorts. In any case I found them quite attractive. And now to move on.


7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. You really get around in your village in your motorized chair. As far as the summer blah’s … I have found a small glass of tonic water (the kind that contains quinine …) is wonderful taken every few hours throughout the day. You can squeeze a bit of juice from lemon or lime into it … it is refreshing and certainly helps the metabolism I have found. Just a small juice glass is all you need, but every 2 hours or so, pause and sip. I replace my coffee breaks in the hot summer with tonic breaks. Have a wonderful day … SLP

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