RDP Monday: Chase

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I no longer chase, but seem to be the one who is chased and today the chase was on. I have just returned from the store after completing my mission of buying food so that we do not starve over the next two days. Time is important for me as I no longer have as much as I did when Mr. Swiss and I shared the daily tasks of life. It is now I, me and myself that does the shopping. Today was a special one as I had to purchase a few items in the mall on the ground floor. This means before the food is dealt with I have to take the lift down. No problem, but when you forget to go to the chemists for Mr. Swiss, which I did, it means repeating the downwards journey.

Eventually I arrived in the supermarket section and began to work through my list, removing the items I had bought. I got to the butchers and there was a young lady with a  baby in front of me. She was not European, but Asian. She asked the saleslady if she also spoke French (probably because that is the first foreign language you can expect from a Swiss), but she was out of luck. That was when I asked her if she spoke english. There was a look of gratitude on the Asian lady’s face and she had a few questions  concerning the meat.

Afterwards I went on my way, and met her again in the store where we got into a conversation, the result being that we are actually neighbours, not only in the same village, but in the same block. She remarked that I looked very familiar to her.

Of course this all takes time and when I wanted to leave the supermarket in my car, the guy arrived with a new supply of trolleys, blocking the path for everyone, so another 5-10 minutes were added on my time.

And then I was on my way home at last. Just as I was approaching my village the telephone rang in the car. I have one of these connections were you can talk on the phone whilst you are driving – no problem: the problem being that I have not yet discovered how it really works. It is probably quite simple, but I prefer to concentrate on the road and steering wheel than talking on the telephone. Of course it was Mr. Swiss, so I decided to ignore it as I was now approaching my home. I arrived safely with my three bags full of shopping and he said I am not usually so long on my shopping trip. I should really learn how to answer the phone in the car.

RDP Monday: Chase

4 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Chase

  1. I know that a lot of people use those handsfree things in the car for safety but talking to someone on the phone still means you are concentrating less on the road so unless you can pull over somewhere I don’t think they are a great idea.

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  2. Back when I did all the shopping because Garry was always at work, he used to keep track of my time. If I took a few minutes too long, he’d chide me for taking too long. I always wondered why, since he had a cell phone VERY early on, he never bothered to call ME when he was going to be late. I’m still wondering.

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    • Mr. Swiss is now mainly stationed at home, unless he has a doctor visit or as an exception might come with going shopping with me. He is still adjusting to the new situation of me being the car driver and just worries if I am later.


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