Good Morning


Another wonderful sunny morning today with rising temperatures. I just had one little spoiler. I like honey on my bread for breakfast and usually buy the thick one. I decided to buy the more liquid sort and this was a mistake. As I opened the pot, which was difficult, I had to wipe the drips and drops that spread all over the counter top in the kitchen. No big problem, it is granite. I then moved it to the table to enjoy and the sticky mess followed. After cleaning my mouse I now had a damp cloth at the side to remove any more sticky residue. At last I am finished and managed to keep the sticky mess away from the actual computer.


Yesterday afternoon I was determined to go into town in this wonderful weather. I was planning on collecting some photos for my google account. I approached the town on the back way to the cathedral where I can be at the top of the steps and take an overall view of the main street.


I went in a little closer and noticed that it was a day to take a walk an enjoy. All are now dressed in their summer outfits. I had a little problem yesterday afternoon. I had dealt with the week-end shopping on Friday, but forgot to buy butter. Butter is one of the main ingredients for my cooked dishes. I like to fry with butter when cooking meat and no slice of bread is good enough for my taste without butter.  I was going to send No. 1 son for butter into town, but Mr. Swiss reminded me that in this hot weather it would probably be liquid when he returned home, so there was only one solution. I finished eating lunch, told the men to clear the plates and tidy the kitchen and saddled up my car. I was off to the supermarket. In the meanwhile there was also a mention of not having enough toilet rolls, so I put that on my mental list as well.

In 10 minutes I was at the supermarket and had the forgotten items: afterwards back in the car and drive home. I managed the quest in 30-40 minutes and realised I still had time for an hours sleep (luckily we eat earlier on Saturday) and awoke refreshed and ready to go to town. It is all a matter of housewife logistics, but I was very annoyed at this disturbance of my planned routine. My main problem now is that I have no assistance. Mr. Swiss used to pop into town for me in the morning for these forgotten items but he is now less mobile than I am and no longer drives a car.

Literature Days Solothurn 02.06 (1)

I continued on my way i town and when I reached the area at the side of the river, where we have our restaurant mile, I saw this collection of people sitting and concentrating on the guy opposite who was giving a public reading from one of his books. We now have literature days in our town. Various known authors are invited and it generally takes place in our so-called concert hall where various readings take place. They have now extended the events to outside. Being a bookworm myself I lingered a while to listen. One of the advantages of being in a wheelchair, as I have my own seat with me. Of course the texts are mainly german, with some french mixed in. Very rarely if at all english, but I have no problem. We also get some well-known German writers at our annual festival.


Otherwise the alleys in the town were quite deserted and more people taking it easy and having a look around. It is too early for the tourists. They will be arriving probably in July. I really love our little town of Solothurn, there is always something happening.

And so I took my path eventually homewards along the river.


I seems the boats have now taken the place where the ducks usually swim. Yes summertime is gradually taking over. Even I am now debating to wear my shorts. You would be surprised how your legs can get brown when sitting in a wheelchair.

The rest of the day I was out on the porch with my computer and Kindle until it began to get darker. Enjoy the week-end and hope you have some good weather.


14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We are also having a beautiful day, though nothing much changes here … except clothing. This morning one of our Lady Cardinals was sitting on the railing pecking at seeds when suddenly, a fast moving solid red boy headed directly for her. She took if, with him in hot pursuit — and then ANOTHER red one was in hot pursuit of the other two. There was going to be a war. The Lady would just sit demurely on a branch and watch the boys go at it. She could care less who wins. They all look the same to her.

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