FOWC with Fandango: Double


Another photo of a tractor. I could have put up the picture of a cow, but already used on on my RDP Prompt. I could have shown some photos of chickens, or the local castle. All my photos seem to be doubling.  If I go somewhere, it is in the surroundings. I go to town and bring back photos of narrow alleys, a cathedral or our market place. There is a limited choice. I can go to the local castle and surroundings where I was today. The farmer had been ploughing, hence the photo of the tractor.  The horses were outside, so some more photos of horses and what about the chickens and goats. We also have swans and ducks on the river.

I sometimes wish that something would happen extraordinary, completely different.

I just had some excitement, because due to a mistake I made, I lost the Fandango Web Site, but I found it again as you can see. The only double that seems to be succesful is when the store offers two for the price of one.  And now to move on, to water the garden. I did it this morning, but better be safe than sorry. We are having tropical days at the moment.


FOWC with Fandango: Double

4 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Double

  1. Pat–I don’t see doubling! Your photos are things I never see–we don’t have mountains or castles here in sunny FL. And wheeling into downtown? Not from where I live. Well, I suppose I could ride a bike, but the traffic is a bit much, even though I am only about 15 minutes from our downtown. So….not gonna happen. Keep on with your photos–I think they are wonderful.

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  2. I like it when things show up in pairs.

    I could never find Fandango’s site so I finally bookmarked it and put in on my bookmark row. I got tired of searching through hundreds of emails and missing it. I haven’t yet to find a way to do the same thing for RDP, probably because those prompts don’t all come from a single feed.


    • I have I bookmarked on both my computers, iPad and iPhone, but I lost it on the Mac computer which I mainly use for blogging. I found it again. I do not work with emails, mainly the reader.


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