Good Morning


Wonderful blue skies this morning and it looks like it will be a good one today, the day when temperatures soar and we will probably be complaining about the heat. Homo sapiens never seems to be satisfied.

I already had the first annoyance of the day, when I realised I forgot to buy butter yesterday. I have enough to last today, but I have a week-end in front of me and no way am I going to the stores on a Saturday. However, No. 1 son to the rescue. He is always in town in the afternoon and will bring me my butter. I am really planning on a wheelie this afternoon in this wonderful weather and a photo safari.


I will be spending my home time today out on the porch with my computer when I am not busy with the vacuum cleaner and other household tasks.


And another little surprise yesterday. I have two pots of canna since 15 years. During the winter months I put them in the cellar and leave them to theirselves. I do not know what they do buried n the earth, but probably waiting for the exciting days again in Spring when they begin to grow again. In Spring I put them in the garden when the weather is warmer. This year our Spring was quite cool and I had to be patient, hoping that the cold weather did not cause any damage. And now both pots are showing sprouts of new growth. I am so glad, at last some good news, even if it is only a plant.

I have already given the garden its dose of morning water, had my breakfast and organised the apartment from yesterdays devastations. I want to get a move on, so see you later. Have a good day and make the most of it.


11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oh, how nice that the cannas have been around for so long. I remember them from before. I have so many that I want to grow from seed, just because I happened to collect the seed.

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  2. We are going to be away much of next week, so Garry will do a little shopping today and we will have to do the major shopping at the end of next week. Our freezer is literally empty except for bread, ice cubes, and a package of frozen onion rings. But we have tons of dog and birdseed. It’s important to know what’s important!

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    • I don’t really do a lot of freezing, as I go shopping 3-4 times a week, but thanks for reminding me. I have to take out a bread this evening, otherwise I will not have anything for breakfast. And have a good week, hope you are going places and seeing things. Try making a birdseed soup, I am sure it is healthy.


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