FOWC with Fandango: Spendthrift


Thrift is my second name. I grew up in a working class environment. I remember if I really wanted something, the answer was “we cannot afford it”. When I began to earn my own money, I began to spend it and then one day I was married and had a family with four kids to maintain. At first I was just a housewife, was not earning money. I then took on a job at home for a scientist, typing his monthly book, and began to earn money.

What happened to this money? No, I did not save anything, but spent it on the family for food and especially clothing for the kids. Time went on, I had a job at last, and a wage, but I had learned to be careful with the money I was earning.

Now I am retired and received my pension money.  It is not a fortune, but enough to live on comfortably. However I have learned to be careful with my money, because there are no longer any extras. I am the shopper, the one that goes places. Mrs. Swiss is now more invalid that I am. I have begun to observe prices, and costs. I have my own system and rules and it is working. I no longer buy clothing, I have enough and at the age of 73 I am not a dedicated follower of fashion.

I have learned to buy online. I combined comfort with buying. I buy what we need. No money is spent on birthdays or Christmas, it is really not necessary. If you want something then save and buy it. Holidays are a thing of the past because both of us are no longer fit enough to go anywhere. The only luxury I afforded this year was my car and that was worth it. Any assistance to maintain our mobility has priority.

The days of buying just for the sake of buying are long gone, although I never had them.

FOWC with Fandango: Spendthrift

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