RDP Friday: Prompt


Need I say more. This is me in the afternoon sitting at the computer. And what I am doing, I am trying to figure out what to write for my daily prompt. Do I have a suitable photo? Of course I will find one somewhere. In this case I knew what I wanted but they were all photos before I became a golden oldie and also with my older computers. I recruited Mr. Swiss to take the photo with my mobile phone and he did it quite well, despite the problems he had with holding the phone. I am sitting on the porch outside on this wonderful summer day.

It was time to brush up my blogging image and so here I am complete with my apple computer. I also have an Acer computer, but I keep that one for mainly storing my photos. Of course I also use it for my daily prompt blogs now and again.

I have been blogging for many years, 10 I believe and in many places. My first blogging experience was Yahoo 350 which closed down. I then discovered Multiply and that was really fun. I got to know many other bloggers but Multiply also closed (mainly through greed of the owner who moved to Indonesia and decided to transform it into a marketing platform). I still have contact with many from that time: most found a new home in Facebook. Basically I dislike Facebook, but I have my own little corner there.

WordPress was always a sideline for me. I discovered their Daily Prompts and at last knew what to write, more or less. This section also closed, but thanks to the enterprising members that decided to spend time and energy to do it for us, I am still in my little corner of the WordPress world.

I took a course once on web assistant and even made my own site. I also hosted a site with a few others many years ago and realise the responsibility and hard work it needs to maintain its success.

Today is our first annual anniversary, so a big thank you to all involved.

RDP Friday: Prompt

13 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Prompt

  1. Happy anniversary for RDP
    And side note – ten years of blogging is a beautiful milestone and congrats on that too – I also prefer blogging here on WP over FB – it is too busy and clangy on fb

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      • never thought of it that way – can can see what you mean
        I do miss connecting with a few folks on it –
        I only had 100 connections but had some cousins –
        my biggest pet peeve was the CONSTANT scrolling of friends to request and the CONSTANT soliciting of my face to potential connections.


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  2. I realized that my first blog was also on Yahoo … and they closed. Then there was Storyline, but Amazon bought them and they disappeared. Then a few years passed and by then, I was retired … so I dove into it. I don’t actually know how many years it has been, probably because I’ve also written. There was a period where I had my own newsletter, blogs having not yet been invented which I mailed out to anyone who I thought might be interested.

    Time has really FLOWN this year. I seem busier than ever. I swear I’m startled when I realize it’s the middle of 2019!

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