Good Morning


This is not this morning, but yesterday late afternoon or early evening. I found it a wonderful sky and much better than this morning which is grey in grey and there is mist everywhere. We had another rain storm yesterday and there is enough water in the air at the moment. At least I do not have to spray my garden.

Some time ago I took this photo of something strange growing in my garden.


It was growing in a strange place, at the front of my hosta bed and had stretched it stalk to show it was there. The stalk had grown from a group of leaves staying flat on the ground. I had no idea what it was, but realised that something was inside and one day they would show themselves.


One day was yesterday and imagine my surprise when I saw this head of flowers. Unfortunately they were not showing their faces – yet. I did not want to disturb them for fear of the stalk breaking, but I did manage this close up picture.


This was getting quite intriguing. What was this that was growing in my garden? I decided to examine further and believe them now to be something known as Allium siculum or more common Honey Garlic. Most allium have something to do with onions, leek or garlic, although there is a decorative sort. This plant seems to be more at home in Mediterranean areas, even in the Balkan countries, but there was no mention of it growing in Switzerland. However there are some gardeners that know of the decorative value of this plant and have them in their garden. My neighbour also has a few exotic vegetables in his garden, mainly chilli peppers and other far eastern spices, so perhaps he is also growing his own garlic.

I have no idea where this came from. It is just one example growing on its own. According to the details it will eventually have a very decorative seed pod when the flowers finish, so it looks like I could plant more.


I do have an example of the decorative allium in my garden which open its first flowers yesterday. When it is finished it will look something like this.


I took this photo a few years ago in my garden. So enough of my mystery flower, which no longer seems to be such a mystery. I still do not know where this wild garlic arrived from.

Otherwise life continues almost as normal, although today is Ascension Day, one of those religious holidays celebrated almost everywhere in Europe. In Switzerland all the shops are closed.  I remember when I was a working lady how I would enjoy those days now and again. Generally we also had a free day on the following Friday, making a nice long week-end. Today, being a golden oldie, every day is a holiday, well almost. The news yesterday was already full of reports of the traffic jam that had begun to build up towards the entrance to the Gotthard tunnel, our gateway to the Italian part of Switzerland where everyone seems to go when there is a holiday. The climate is warmer than the rest of Switzerland and the vegetation is more in the Italian style. These are the days when I prefer to stay where I am and not mix with the crush of the crowds in Lugano or Locarno.

I am out of bed a little earlier this morning, 7.00 am. in the morning at the moment. It is the day of fresh bed linen again, so I will be having a fight to put the fitted sheets on the bed and recover the duvet and cushion for two beds. Mr. Swiss is not longer able to do it. One day I might have to employ someone to do it for me.

And now to move on, if you have a holiday today then enjoy and otherwise just take it easy if possible.


15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I’m glad we’ve sorted out the mystery plant! I have actually the same ones….. only I didn’t realise when I saw that stalk. I think they are wild ones, because for many years I planted the bulbs for the large garlic ones, from your further photos, they grow or don’t – as per year and mice & rodents living underground….. The b.f. are very small in my garden and they are here and there. This year I haven’t seen any yet. I also have a foxglove which I most certainly haven’t planted….

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  2. Good Morning.
    I almost could have guessed that one. I knew it was an Allium of some sort.
    I actually need to move some society garlic at work. (I don’t know how it got that name.) It was trendy in the 1990s, but I dislike it because it smells objectionably if it gets warm. It needs to be out in full sun, so naturally gets warm when the weather is nice.

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      • Oh, that one may not smell objectionably. Most do not. The common one that I work with just happens to smell badly. (It is actually a related but different genus.) Alliums happen to be trendy right now, and I have not yet heard anyone complain about the aroma.

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  3. Your comments about the holiday traffic jams made me think of a favourite childhood book about a girl who spent the summer in Bellinzona. It had wonderful descriptions of the scenery and excursions she took to Lugano and Locarno as well as to I think Andermatt. That one and a story about three girls visiting the Black Forest region of Germany made me dream of seeing those places too but alas, I never did. I still have the books though.

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    • Andermatt is the last Swiis village towards the top of the gotthard Mountain before the descent begins to the Ticino (italian Kanton of Switzerland). I have spent many holidays in the Ticino with the family. Bellinzona is rhe Capital town of the area, also very attractive.

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